The Health Benefits of Escorted Travel

A Life of Wellness is a Life of Travel

It’s often believed that you must nurture three fundamental pillars in yourself to live happily and healthily. You must take care of your mind, of course, because a healthy mind allows you to make healthy choices every day. You have to take care of your body, too, because your well-being relies so much on a healthy body. And you also have to take care of your spirit, which often seems like the least straightforward of the three, but the most important.

Nothing nurtures and heals all three aspects of your personal well being better than escorted travel. Without taking care of all three, you can often feel like you’re not considering every aspect of your personal well-being. But what is it about escorted travel that helps keep your mind, body, and spirit healthy?

The mind is a horrible thing to waste. That’s why, every so often, escorted travel can help you decompress from the constant mental juggling-act of everyday life. You can rest your mental muscles and just enjoy beautiful scenery, luxurious hotels, or delicious cuisine. Your itinerary is already taken care of, your transportation and accommodation are all set, so sitting back and resting your brain is sometimes just what you need. Grocery lists, work scheduling, and the constant minutiae of everyday life fades into the background, giving your mind a much-needed rest.

The body is what jumps to the forefront of everyone’s mind when you talk about personal health and well being. That’s because it’s the most obvious—it’s hard to ignore a sore knee or a nagging headache. Escorted travel can be good for the body, too, and that’s not just because of the spa treatments that are often available at the hotels you stay in. Feeling fit? Walking tours of cities will get your heart beating and your leg-muscles working. And often, tours will include an optional physical activity like yoga or hiking.

How do you feed your spirit? That might be too personal and too philosophical of a question to answer here with any depth. But, you can make a start on an escorted tour. Shaking hands with new friends in distant places, toasting to the latest adventure at the end of a day, standing in a stunning landscape you’ve never seen before, trying an exotic and delicious new dish—all of these experiences soothe the spirit in an almost mystical way. Self-care might be a new buzzword today, but people have been feeling the lasting benefits of taking some time for themselves and enjoying life since humans began to travel.

The mind, body, and spirit benefiting from travel isn’t an esoteric concept. It’s a tried-and-true fact of life. When you go out there and see new places, you simply feel happier, and healthier.

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