Need An Excuse to Holiday? Here’s How Cruises Can Benefit Your Health

A cruise holiday can be a relaxing and entertaining experience, but have you ever thought it could also be good for your health? There’s a growing trend around ‘fitness cruises’, which do as much good for your body as mind

While you’re entitled to relax and chill out on a cruise holiday, it can also be an opportunity to rebalance your mind and body as part of an overall health regime.

Relax and Learn 

If you’re interested in relaxation, a ‘mindfulness’ cruise could be right for you, concentrating on instructional lectures and expert-led classes on subjects such as mindfulness, improving sleep patterns, nutrition and spirituality and even laughter-immersion workshops.

These cruises may also include excursions for yoga classes in natural surroundings such as rainforests, Tai Chi and Pilates sessions in spectacular gardens and trips to hydrothermal pools.

Spas at Sea

Combining sensible diet with a gentle exercise regime, ‘spa cruises’ may include mornings of yoga lessons, pool swimming sessions, afternoon hikes ashore and—for the more adventurous—paddle-boarding, kayaking or snorkeling. Round off the day with a Core Fusion beach boot camp, then enjoy a relaxing massage or meditation class in the evening.

Another related option is the beauty spa cruise, incorporating aromatherapy, music and arts classes and holistic therapy. For a touch of real luxury, some cruises offer en-suite treatments including saunas, heated ceramic loungers and unlimited in-room spa treatments.

Gym and Slim

For a more targeted approach, gym-and-slim cruises, often hosted by well-known fitness gurus, will help you to achieve your fitness and weight-watching aims. Exercise programs can include customized fitness regimes, water aerobics, gym exercise classes, biking and boating outings and thermal spas, all complemented by tailor-made nutritionally planned diets, often with vegan and holistic options.

High Energy

For the really energetic, some liners now feature basketball courts, batting cages, climbing walls, trampolines, TRX Suspension training, spinning classes, golf and soccer simulators—many even have a jogging track. If you want to include a cultural element in your fitness regime, a jogging cruise to a cultural centre such as Amsterdam will take you around museums, markets and landmarks while you run.

So, if you can avoid the 24-hour buffet, open bar and rich diet at the Captain’s table, a cruise holiday really could be good for you in body and mind. 

Into the idea that your cruise vacation can benefit your body? Here are some other treatments available onboard.

•   Seaweed wraps

•   Caviar facials

•   Electroporation

•   Gemstone anti-ageing sessions

•   Thalassotherapy (seawater treatment)

•   Salt saunas]

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