How to Give Kids a Lifetime of Healthy Eating Habits

As Team GB’s Official Supermarket sponsor, Aldi believes offering customers fresh, affordable food every day can help teach kids a lifetime of healthy habits.

Inspiring families to eat well and live well is something that we at Aldi are passionate about. We believe cooking fresh, healthy family meals shouldn’t have to cost you more. We also believe that getting kids cooking and eating fresh, healthy food from an early age is more important than ever.

It’s one of the main reasons why we became the Official Supermarket sponsor of Team GB in 2015. And why we’re so proud of the success of our school’s initiative, Get Set to Eat Fresh, which aims to teach 1.2million children by 2020 how to cook, as well as aiming to inspire them to love healthy foods for a lifetime.

Watch. Learn. Cook.

We know that healthy habits begin at an early age. We also know that it is possible to eat healthily for less. The issue is not cost, but knowledge, skills and time.

Our own research tells us that children want to eat more healthily and make better food choices. In a survey of 1000 children, 41 percent told us they want to eat healthier foods more often. And almost half (45 percent) said the most effective way to teach children about eating healthily was through lessons in school and talking to teachers.

And that’s exactly what Get Set to Eat Fresh is doing—inspiring a whole generation of children to get active and eat healthily through free and engaging lesson plans, teaching them everything from food culture to nutrition and science.

‘Kids love to cook.’ Get Set tells us. ‘It’s fun, it’s messy and they can be creative. Not to mention it’s a life skill that will set them up for life.’

It’s been so successful that a total of 4987 schools have now signed up since 2015. 

‘Finding the “Get Set to Eat Fresh” programme was amazing,’ one secondary school told us. ‘We use resources in our workbook alongside utilising the short videos and athletes as role models. All students have engaged with the programme, discussing healthy lifestyles and tasty recipes with their peers and teachers.’

Eat Like a Champion

Of course, we haven’t done it alone. Our Team GB Ambassadors have been a huge inspiration, getting involved by visiting schools up and down Britain, talking to children directly about their health, and even cooking up some of their favourite recipes to show how easy it is.

Olympic heroes, like Alistair and Jonny Brownlee, who are Get Set to Eat Fresh’s official ambassadors. Thanks to their passion, our children are not only learning about food, but they’re also understanding the importance of staying active and playing sports if they want a happy and healthy life.

Jonny Brownlee reflects: ‘We couldn’t be more excited to be involved in Get Set. It has already had such a huge impact on young people. As athletes, we know how important diet, nutrition and being active is to living a healthy lifestyle and we strongly believe we can help support the ambitions of Aldi and Team GB as they look towards 2020.’

Super 6. Super Prices

Teaching kids about food through educational programmes isn’t the only thing we can do to inspire healthy habits. It’s also about inspiring customers with everyday amazing food choices.

Like Aldi’s ‘Super 6’ fruit and vegetables—amazing quality fruit and veg at amazing prices—so everyone can afford their 5-a-day. It’s also fantastic inspiration for scratch cookers and anyone looking to try new foods.

We’ve improved choices at the tills too—with things like fruit, nuts and water, instead of sweets and chocolate.

And we couldn’t be prouder to say we’ve committed to reducing sugar levels by 20 percent before 2020. In fact, we’ve removed more than 3000 tonnes of sugar from existing ranges since 2017. Amazing right?

Amazing Food for Thought

Meanwhile, we’re looking to inspire people online and at home with hundreds of deliciously good-for-you recipe ideas, inspiration and hints and tips about how to make easy, affordable meals. From quick and tasty family mid-week meals to vegan feasts and great British classics.

You could say that helping you eat well for less is at the top of our priority list. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Our fantastic Swap and Save families have been enjoying a host of affordable family recipe ideas.

Mum, Renu says: ‘Healthy family meals are so much easier to plan if you’ve got a bit of inspiration every week. And the value of the food is brilliant. It makes it affordable to make lifestyle changes because you know choosing healthy products, like cacao powder and quinoa isn’t going to cost you more.’

Active Mum, Amelia agrees: ‘I know I can all the fresh and healthy options I need at Aldi for an affordable price.’

We know healthy feels amazing. For us, what’s amazing is being able to help inspire children to have a lifetime of healthy habits in school, in store and at home.

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