Why Should You Consider Guided Travel?

Skip the hassle and frenzy of planning holidays with guided travel through an escorted tour. An escorted tour will not only do the planning for you, yet will also help eradicate some of the fears that comes with travelling to an unfamiliar, new country.

The stress of planning holidays can sometimes be all too much, especially if it is your first time travelling alone or if you are travelling with children. Guided travel, otherwise known as escorted tours can save you from the stress of planning and the fear of where to start. The benefits don’t simply end there, which is why we’ll be examining how guided travel can make your holiday abroad easier.

See More For Less

Escorted tours will allow you to go beyond merely visiting the capitals of different countries and cover more cities. The scheduled, site seeing packed nature of an escorted tour and the tour being headed by a travel expert mean you don’t have to shed tears on time wasted looking for the historical landmark, jaw dropping restaurant or the picturesque beach on your must see list.

In addition to checking off everything in your must see list, escorted tours take care of your travel by covering your transportation costs. Say goodbye to overpriced taxis, tourist scams and dodgy drivers with all your travel organised for you by country experts, who know the best deals and how to stamp out the scams. You can be more susceptible to scams abroad, if you are travelling with children as they can often leave you distracted. Regardless, being distracted for more than a moment abroad in an unknown country can have disastrous consequences, consequently leaving you feeling isolated and vulnerable.

Avoid Overspending

The corollary benefit of a having a tour manager or travel expert managing your tour is that they can locate the best deals for sightseeing, thereby giving you cheaper access to local venues such as: bars, restaurants, clubs, museums and other popular tourist hot spots.

In spite of escorted tours appearing initially expensive when you check the pricing list per country, the total cost of the tour does not include the unwanted, hidden costs you’ll be spending on the extras if you make a mistake or from erroneously picking the option with the heftier price tag. Escorted tour packages offer a break down explaining the total cost of the trip with the options to opt in or opt out of certain activities or purchases you simply don’t find tempting enough.

The Social Element

Holidays should never include a lonely moment, thus if you’re looking to find great company with people you can ‘relate’ to and mingle with, escorted tours grant that opportunity. Expect to find people of diverse ages and backgrounds all united by the end goal of experiencing an action packed, vivacious holiday experience.  Although, your fellow escorted trave companions might not just be a wave at the departure gates and could turn into a long-term friendship rooted in the search of the occasional break.

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