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Spa therapies have existed throughout history with the purpose of detoxifying the body and soul; however, we’ll be uncovering how spa therapies today can help restore your mental and physical well being to its full glory.

Human beings are very innovative at times, a statement confirmed by the advancements of the modern era. The research into medicine of about 50 years ago is, to a large extent, what defines the medical practices of today.

Spa therapies have existed since the times when taking bath with water was considered as a popular means to treat illnesses and give physical and spiritual purification.

Guests may also desire for the private luxury suite at the top roof  of the hotel. What can be better than a relaxing bath at the top of the hotel with scenic views out of the window? And when everything around you expresses peace and quiet.

The Mineral Source

At 100 meters from Aleksander Hotel, there is a natural source of healing water known as Donat Mg,  which comprises of a mineral composition and is saturated with magnesium. Magnesium is involved in more than 300 vital processes, which include: normalising digestion , fighting chronic diseases in the digestive tract, diabetes, preventing atherosclerosis and strengthening heart and immunity.

Its impact on emotional state is incredible and as a result:

  • Your nervous system becomes calm
  • Your sleep is normalized
  • Endurance is increased
  • Chronic fatigue, migraines and initial signs of depression are gone.

Also special treatments and spa programs provide an integrated approach to helping the mother with carrying the foetus, Magnesium regulates the exchange of vital substances between a mother and a baby.

Diabetes Retreat

There are a wide spectrum of effective water procedures based on Mg. Lifestyle-related diabetes has become one of the fastest growing health problems in today’s society.

Recovery treatment and SPA programs are now available and affordable for people with diabetes. Their effectiveness can be achieved by using special apparatus procedures. The first results can be noticed in a few days! The most important thing is taking it slow and the prevention of long-term diabetes complications.

When you enroll onto a program, you get the individual full medical course of treatment, starting from consultation to recovery procedures.

Anti-Ageing Programs and SPA

As a child, we have the ability to quickly repair most damaged tissues. As we age, our skin reduces the ability to regenerate healthy tissue.

Combining luxury rest with detox programs for the body can create a visible aesthetic transformation. You get a fresh appearance, weight loss, moisturized elastic skin, energy boost, slowing down of the aging process at the cellular level.The standard anti-aging procedures are intended to be twice a year, for a week or two, but it can be changed according to the guest’s wish.

Active Vacation

Wellness programs include regular exercises. Guests can choose to work out at the equipped fitness center or outdoors. You can go hiking and Nordic walking, rent a bike or try horseback riding.  Everyone can find something to do that they like.

Eat Well, Be Healthy.

With an eye toward a balanced approach, recipes can still be used while managing diabetes. A premium collection of wines perfectly complements original dishes.

Hotel Aleksander Medical & SPA is the best place to get medical consultations, treatment, recovery after serious disease and just to relax. It offers more than 10 basic programs, including diabetes, anti age, detox and relaxing SPA programs that proved their effectiveness for a long period of time.

The hotel boasts 21 luxury suites and rooms with gorgeous park and forest views, a fitness center, a modern spa center and the restaurant Donatela at the top. All suites have unique designs

Moreover, Hotel Aleksander has countless sets of unique, modern medical equipment that strive to establish the best results in a short period of time. In just a few days, patients feel much better than before they stared the program. Yoiu can expect to experience a fresh appearance, weight loss, moisturised skin with improved elasticity, an energy boost and the slowing down of the aging process at a cellular level.

Discove Hotel Aleksander’s whole list of innovative procedures at

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