Should Insurance Be Your First Travel Priority?

What are your best moves if you need travel insurance, but have a pre-existing medical condition? We look at some of the options

Travel insurance might take second priority to the fun of booking your holiday, but it’s one area which should be top of your to-do list, particularly if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

Any condition which has required previous medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, respiratory problems, joint inflammation and chronic illnesses such as cancer or stomach problems, may require completion of a detailed questionnaire. Your insurer may then impose certain restrictions, exclusions or special terms.

Be prepared to disclose all the facts, as in the case of a claim, your insurer can access your medical records.

Covering Medical Costs

Medical costs abroad can be very high, so if you do need treatment for a pre-existing condition but are not covered, you could be in for a shock. So when selecting a travel insurance policy, look for the amount of emergency medical cover offered (this can be unlimited if you find the right policy), any age limits, extras like a 24-hour helpline, an excess waiver option, cover for travel disruption, and possibly special cover for cruises or business trips. It is possible to get cover for terminal illnesses if you require it, though this is not offered by all insurance agents.

Cover can usually begin immediately so long as the trip has not started, so you are always ready for your next adventure.

Travel Insurance Top Tips

✓ Arrange insurance as soon as the trip is booked, so you have immediate cancellation cover

✓ Consider accepting an excess clause to keep down the cost

✓ For cruises, look for extras such as missed port cover and cabin confinement. Remember that skiing and winter sports normally require special cover

✓ Check your policy’s cover for adverse weather and natural catastrophe

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