Why is Keeping Pet Food Simple the Key to Both Healthy and Happy Pets?

We uncover the ingredients pet owners should avoid in their pet’s food with the help of John Burns, founder of Burns Pet Nutrition.

Award-winning Veterinary Surgeon, John Burns is on a mission to change the lives of pets for the better. The Veterinary Surgeon believes that feeding pets the natural way can help avoid the build-up of toxic waste in their system.

There is a misconception among pet owners that common problems such as itchy skin and moulting are just part of owning a dog; however, Mr Burns identifies a clear link between nutrition and health, and wants to help keep pet owners informed. After all, a healthy dog is a happy dog.

John says, “It’s my dream that one day every pet will consume a diet based on natural, wholesome simple ingredients that allows the body to get on with what it does best. That is what I set out to do back in 1993 and will campaign for long into the future.”

Simple, Wholesome Ingredients

Although, many people take care to give their children the best start in life, they may forget to look at their pet’s diet. When looking for a dog food it’s important to feed a food with clearly labelled ingredients. At Burns Pet Nutrition they use simple, natural recipes that are clearly labelled so you know exactly what your pet is getting for each meal.

They look at pet nutrition in a holistic way to support a healthy pet and as wheat, beef, dairy and soya are the most common food allergens in pets, Burns avoid using any of these ingredients in their products. They use high fibre wholegrains such as brown rice and lean protein sources such as chicken or fish to ensure your dog is getting all the nutrients they need.

Opting for high-quality ingredients will equally benefit you, as feeding quantities are lowered and thereby, feeding costs too!

The Pawsome Diet

The production and elimination of waste are two normal functions of the body, albeit a diet that is high in protein and fat can produce an excessive level of harmful waste products.

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Although, waste is naturally produced during the breakdown and utilisation of nutrients, switching to a diet that is high in carbohydrates and low in protein and fat can help reduce the quantity of toxic waste products produced by your pet. Additionally, lowering the toxic load will improve the physical wellbeing of dogs and allow waste to be eliminated without discomfort.

Experts in Nutrition

Since founding Burns Pet Nutrition in 1993, John Burns’ natural pet food has become the brand of choice for thousands of dogs worldwide.

All pet owners are invited to take advantage of Burns’ free nutrition service which is run by a team of expert nutritionists. The team has a combined total of over 50 years’ professional experience and can be reached Monday-Friday via Freephone, email or LiveChat.

The service is intended to help and educate pet owners on the nutritional needs of their prized pets. The team is unbiased and will only offer advice that is in the animal’s best interest.

So, whether you have a sensitive Westie, a scruffy Collie or an overweight Beagle, you’ll find a range of specialist products at burnspet.co.uk.

Join the Puppy Club

Burns’ brand-new Puppy Club is due to land later this year. The Burns Puppy Club has everything pet owners need to guide them through the first year of a pup’s life.

From top nutrition advice to conquering toilet training, Burns’ expert hints and tips are worth signing up for. In addition, members will receive a bunch of pawsome gifts throughout the year including food and a feeding mat. Keep an eye on the website for sign up details.

Is your tail-wagging yet? For further information about Burns visit http://www.burnspet.co.uk

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