Holiday-makers’ strange requests

From requesting a particular pool temperature to asking for images of the furniture, some holiday-makers ask for some very odd things

Whether it’s just a weekend trip or a round the world tour, holidays undoubtedly require a lot of planning and people naturally want to ensure that everything is perfect before they arrive.

A study, carried out by, has revealed some of the bizarre questions and demands that they have had from holiday-makers this year:

1. Can you guarantee the pool heat at a constant 88 degrees and if not can we get a discount for every degree under?

2. Can we have a machete/cutlass to keep under our bed?

3. Can you move the house 180 degrees?

4. What is the distance between the toilet seat and the nearest wall?

5. Is there any way to stop the church bells from ringing at 7am?

6. Could you please send a picture of the toaster?

7. What are the floors in each room made of and can we see some pictures of them?

8. Where can we keep our donkey at night?

9. How many mosquitoes do you have?

10. Am I likely to get eaten by an alligator?

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