Zagreb: Centre of Medical Excellence

Croatia, and especially its capital Zagreb, has recently stood out on the European health tourism map. Read on to discover more.

Apart from top experts and technology on par with modern European medical centres, Zagreb is made for city breaks. It has prestigious wellness centres waiting for you in five-star hotels and a rich gastro scene.

Now is the perfect time to visit and get to know all aspects of Zagreb!

Numerous private and public polyclinics, as well as health centres with expert staff and exceptional quality of service, at competitive prices, make the capital of Croatia the centre of medical excellence.

Qualified medical staff, hospitals and polyclinics, with state-of-the-art equipment, guarantees excellent health service. Most local medical specialists gained their knowledge in the largest European medical centres, continually acquiring the latest equipment and treatment trends. That’s why in Zagreb you’ll find world-renowned medical clinics and medical practices, while many hotels in Zagreb include a high level of wellness and spa contents.

There are many different types of accommodation. Today, Zagreb has 62 hotels with 7,688 beds, 52 hostels with 2,361 beds and 2,954 accommodation units as rooms/apartments/studio apartments and holiday homes with 7,121 beds.

The Croatian metropolis has various other attractions to complement its health tourism offerings, creating added value to the overall experience. There are unlimited possibilities for visits to music and theatre performances, art events and museums, sporting events, as well as enjoying pleasant walks, interesting architecture and many parks in the city centre.

There is also the surrounding area—extremely beautiful and attractive, full of vineyards and wine roads, interesting museums, medieval and baroque castles and long-standing health resorts. In the immediate vicinity of Zagreb there are several top clinics specializing in health tourism, hot springs and spa oasis’, created for enjoying the wellness offers and healing natural factors.

Arriving to Zagreb

One of Zagreb’s many advantages is its location. The city is anchored between central and southeastern Europe as well as the Adriatic Sea, thus making it an important transport hub. Travelling by plane or land, Zagreb provides easy access to all major Croatian cities as well as neighboring countries’ capitals. The airport is located 15 kilometres from the city centre and can be reached by bus or taxi. Zagreb’s central railway station is only 10 minutes walk or two tram stops away from Ban Jelačić Square. The main bus station is also close to the centre, to which it is well connected by tram.

Zagreb’s climate

Zagreb has a moderate continental climate with four separate seasons. Summers are usually hot and dry with average temperatures between 20-25C. Winters are fairly cold with average temperatures between 1-5C. The warmest months of the year are July and August while the coldest are January and February.

When in Zagreb…

You won’t experience the true Zagreb if you don’t take a ride on the funicular, try štrukle—a cottage cheese-filled strudel, or if you do not bring a gingerbread heart home with you. Every corner of Zagreb, some calm and quiet, some vibrant, perfectly reflects the character of the city, and only your personal preferences will determine which Zagreb attraction you will enjoy the most!

  1. Take a ride on the funicular. The world’s shortest railway line has connected the Lower and Upper Towns since 1890.
  2. Visit the Museum of Broken Relationships. The unique museum dedicated to relationships was declared the most innovative museum in the world in 2011.
  3. Learn all about Zagreb’s history. Visit Zagreb Cathedral and explore the timeless charm of Zagreb Upper Town.
  4. Taste štrukle. Though you will be thrilled by the rich gastronomic offer of top restaurants, štrukle—a strudel filled with cottage cheese is a must!
  5. Visit picturesque Dolac market. Dolac is Zagreb’s biggest and most charming farmers’ market where you will find colourful display of local fruit, vegetables and quality produce from all around Croatia.
  6. Bring home a gingerbread heart. To have an unforgettable memory of your visit to Zagreb, choose a unique souvenir—a gingerbread heart, a traditional vividly decorated souvenir made of honey dough.
  7. Wait for the noon at Lotrščak Tower. One of the best-preserved parts of Zagreb’s erstwhile fortifications, Lotrščak Tower also houses the Grič cannon, which is fired every day at noon. Don’t miss the big boom!
  8. See and be seen at the Špica. The locals always find the time for coffee, and the best one is on the Saturday Špica—in cafés around Petar Preradović Square.
  9. Enjoy a walk in Zagreb’s parks. Zagreb has favourable weather with plenty of clear sunny days—best spent in one of the many city parks. They are spread all over the city. Some even feature open-air artwork or are themselves a work of art.
  10. Go underground. The large network of underground tunnels still remains classified information even to most locals. However, Grič Tunnel, recently opened to visitors. Originally built in 1943 as a Second World War air-raid shelter, now it is a big tourist attraction and place for temporary exhibitions.

Zagreb Card: Your best travel companion

The Zagreb Card is your ideal travel companion through Zagreb, saving your precious time and money. The card is available in 24 and 72-hour versions, and when you purchase it, you can get a free ride on city transport and the indispensable city attraction, the funicular, and completely free entrance to four prestigious city museums, the Zagreb Eye viewpoint and the Zoo. There are also discounts in 70 different places, such as many city museums, restaurants, shops and various services. Detailed information is available at


• Zagreb guarantees quality with competitive prices

• Zagreb is close (only 2 hours flight away!)

• Zagreb offers more

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