Your Visit to a Medispa

Recent years have witnessed the rise of the medispa—here’s why.

What is a medispa?

A lot of clients normally ask, what is a medispa? A medispa is short for ‘medical spa’.

Here, you will find more advanced treatments such as medical fat freezing, vampire facials, laser hair removal with grade four medical lasers, injectables, tattoo removal, medical skin peels and many more enhanced treatments.

Within a medispa, expert, and or specialist, consultants will perform the above procedures. You may also find a medical professional that oversees the running of the medispa to ensure all consultations that are performing advanced aesthetics are compliant with health and safety legislation and have an up to date knowledge within this field.

Laser hair removal

When selecting your medispa/clinic for your hair removal journey, you may want to check a few things before you start! Firstly, find out what laser they use—if they say IPL then this is not laser. IPL is an Intense Pulse Light and will not be as effective as laser. Usually, if the price is low and too good to be true, it’s normally because they are using IPL.

Most laser clinics will either use an Alexandrite, Diode or NDYAG laser. These Lasers are clinically proven to work and are all grade four medical lasers. The most effective laser for hair removal is an Alexandrite laser as it picks up the pigment of the hair the strongest, making the treatment more effective.

The way the laser will work is by targeting the pigment of the hair follicle—this means blonde, grey, white or light brown hair won’t react to the treatment; the laser damages the blood supply to the hair and puts the hair follicle in a dormant state.

It is recommended to complete a course of six to eight treatments as a starting point to your journey. However, you need to bear in mind that you will need top-ups throughout the year to maintain your hair reduction.

Other treatments you may find at a medispa

Body contouring treatments have recently become the non-surgical alternative to liposuction.

Medical fat freezing is the next best thing to lipo, however this treatment is only suitable for pockets of fat or stubborn fatty areas, not for overly obese clients. The way it works is by suctioning up the desired area and freezing the fat cells to -nine degrees.

Fat cells cannot survive in extreme cold or heat, so when exposed to this extreme temperature, they die. Your body will then get rid of the fat cells through your lymphatic drainage system. As long as you stick to a relevantly healthy lifestyle, these fat cells should not reappear!

On the other end of the scale, you have radio frequency and amplified ultrasound that will target the fat cells with heat. Most people will have heard about radio frequency and the amazing skin tightening benefits it can have by heating the skin to 40+ degrees to stimulate collagen production.

However, there’s a newcomer that blows radio frequency out of the water: Amplified ultrasound—also known as HIFU. This revolutionary technology targets all layers of your skin and can be used to smooth out lumps and bumps as well as tighten and lift your skin!

You will also find medical grade skin peels to keep your skin in the best of condition. Skin peels are basically a workout for your skin. A lot of people are scared when you say ‘chemical’ peel but these chemicals are not harmful to the skin and work by dissolving the bonds of dead skin cells to help push your skins cell turn over.

By doing this, your body pushes the new, fresh and healthy skin cells to the surface faster, giving you a fresh, healthy glow! You should be maintaining your skin and changing your skincare when the weather changes to avoid dull, dry skin.

If chemical peels aren’t for you, there are alternatives such as microdermabrasion or herbal peels. Both will help push your cell turn over, just in a different way. Microdermabrasion buffs the dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin, using crystals or crushed diamonds, with a suction tube.

Herbal peels are massaged into the skin and will sit under the first layer of your epidermis to work from the inside out. The strength of the peel is dependent on how long the massage is and how many grams of herbs are used.

If you are concerned about acne scarring or uneven skin texture, Microneedling, Meso therapy and vampire facials will be the one for you.

Microneedling uses 12 micro needles to puncture the skin, promoting skin renewal and healing. This treatment can also be used as a skin rejuvenation treatment and is painless! You can also introduce extra serums such as Vitamin C, hyaluronic serum and growth factors during a microneedling treatment to target skin concerns—this is Meso therapy.

Loved by all on Instagram at the moment is the Vampire facial. This uses the same technique as Meso theraphy except you have your blood taken and separated between plasma and red blood cells—the plasma is then reinjected into your skin.

Plasma helps your skin reform and renew naturally, targeting fine lines, scarring, tightening of the skin, anti-aging, pigmentation and pretty much everything else!

Written by: Roxanne Duckett, Clinics Manager

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