Your Guide to Natural Skincare Products

Given our current preoccupation with health and wellness, it’s only to be expected that the next revolution would be natural beauty.

The beauty world can be a dense and confusing place, where unproven claims abound, so we understand if you’re considering switching to a more natural and organic skincare routine.

But just because something is made in a laboratory, doesn’t mean it’s toxic – and just because something’s completely natural, doesn’t mean it’s not. Arsenic, for example, is natural, yet can be lethal in high doses.

But before you give up and dump all your beauty products – natural and non – down the toilet in a frenzied confusion, here’s what you need to know.

Natural or Not?

The label ‘natural’ doesn’t actually mean anything – there are no guidelines restricing the use of the word in advertising. Instead, look for ‘organic’ as a descriptor of skincare products.

It’s always important to read the ingredients label and not just to rely on the promotional language on the front of the bottle. Even the names of natural ingredients can sometimes be unfamiliar, but if the phrase seems vaguely Latin that’s usually a good sign.

“If an ingredient is natural, it’s typically written in Latin on the ingredient list,” says nutritionist Adina Grigore.

Conversely, the super long chemical names that you can’t pronounce may be the ones you want to avoid – think helianthus annuus (sunflower seed oil) versus ethylene oxide (which is a known carcinogen).

As when transitioning to a healthy diet, you have to be patient when switching to natural beauty products. “You can’t eat salad one day and feel good tomorrow after eating burgers for 20 years,” said Grigore, “Kale doesn’t work overnight.”

The epidermis (the top layer of skin) takes about a month to renew, so typically that’s how long it takes to see any results.

Welcome to SkinGenius, a multi award-winning range of 100% natural skincare solutions that have been specifically designed to tackle teenage acne, adult acne and spot-prone skin.  SkinGenius products work with the skin, not against it. They are packed with anti-bacterial ingredients which tackle the bacteria that commonly cause acne and help eliminate and prevent spots. The synergistic behaviour of the natural ingredients actively reduces inflammation and redness while hydrating, calming, soothing and smoothing irritated skin. Rich in antioxidants to protect the skin, SkinGenius products leave the skin feeling vibrant and youthful and also help to reduce scarring.

The range comprises three products as follows:

SkinGenius Foaming Face Wash (£17.99, 150ml) – specially formulated to help restore harmony to skin troubled by spots, acne, oil and breakouts. It cleanses gently but deeply and refreshes the skin while calming redness, reducing inflammation to leave a more even skin tone.

SkinGenius Leave-on Purifying Gel (£19.99, 100ml) – helps to soothe inflamed, infected pores and banish the bacteria that cause acne. Designed to be left on the skin overnight and during the day, the ingredients work together on the skin’s surface and deeper in the top layers to bring immediate relief, a smoother texture and longer-lasting results. 

SkinGenius Soothing Moisturiser (£18.99, 100ml) – rich in nut oils which work in synergy to soften the skin, manage excess sebum production and calm inflammation caused by acne or break outs.  Full of anti-oxidants that protect and heal, these nut oils combine to create a rich, light lotion which sinks into the skin beautifully.  The oils also aid in the regeneration of the skin minimising redness and scarring.

The products are purposefully ‘fuss free’ and designed to be used together in a simple three-step regime to ‘cleanse, treat, hydrate, repeat’.  

CLEANSE with the Foaming Face Wash

This gentle daily face wash effectively removes impurities and excess oil, cleanses and cleans the face without over-drying the skin.

TREAT with the Leave-On Purifying Gel

This maximum strength, fast-acting treatment gel treats inflamed spots and reduces redness immediately, bringing relief and results quickly.

HYDRATE with the Soothing Moisturiser

Calming and light, this balancing moisturiser provides skin with long-lasting hydration while minimising the appearance of pores and scarring.


SkinGenius products are brim full of active natural ingredients that are proven to help troubled skin including:

Hydrating: Babassu, Macadamia, Hazelnut 

Reduce Inflammation and Redness: Lemongrass, Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Agrimony, Yarrow, Nettle, red Clover, Roman Chamomile, Hazelnut, Babassu, Macadamia 

Anti-Bacterial: Agrimony, Nettle, Witch Hazel, Calendula, Oregan Grape, Yarrow, Ribwort, Babassu, 

Prevention of spots: Agrimony, oregan grape, with hazel

High in anti-oxidants: Nettle, Hazelnut, Babassu, Macadamia 

Cleansing: Witch Hazel, Lemon Tea Tree

Kills bacteria that cause spots and acne: oregan grape, calendula, yarrow, ribwort 

Softening and Smoothing: Marshmallow, lemongrass, macadamia, Babassu, Hazelnut, Aloe Vera, Ribwort

Main scent: Lemon Tea Tree

The products can be bought online at where you can also find plenty of advice and support. 

About SkinGenius

SkinGenius was created in 2016 by beautician Julia Vearncombe and homeopath Hilery Dorrian to help people combat acne, acne rosacea, oily and spot-prone skin. The multi-award-winning products are packed with anti-bacterial ingredients that tackle the causes – not just the symptoms – that commonly cause acne and breakouts. The synergistic behaviour of the natural ingredients including Red Clover, Nettle, Calendula and Macadamia, actively reduces inflammation and redness while hydrating, calming, soothing and smoothing irritated skin.  A sufferer of acne in her teens, 20s and 30s, Julia is personally invested in SkinGenius and brings much empathy to her customers seeking solace from troubled skin.

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