Your Guide to Children’s Vaccinations

We know that children’s health can be a constant worry for both mums and dads. It’s only natural to want to protect from danger and keep them as healthy as possible

This feature is brought to you by The Medical Team at MASTA. 

Thankfully, children no longer succumb to the diseases of the 19th / 20th century because of improved living conditions, public health awareness and the NHS UK vaccination programmes, yet what about other diseases that are not included in the national immunisation programme? Most importantly, how do you know what is or isn’t a risk, while sifting through so much conflicting information and especially on the internet.

From the minute they arrive we worry about our children. Are they eating the right thing? Are our children stressed? What are their relationships like with others at nursery and school and most importantly, am I doing the best for my child? We worry about what we ‘put in’ our child in the way of food and medicines and are they from the best resources. A huge concern will be always be what infections your children may be exposed to.

The Causes of Meningitis

The word ‘Meningitis’ makes most parents worry. Most cases of Meningitis are caused by the ‘B’ strain and it is important to be alert to the early signs of bacterial meningitis which worsens quickly. Reassuringly the NHS now has Meningitis B in the childhood vaccination schedule high profile media campaigns make us all more alert to the signs and symptoms. Did you know that there is a private vaccination service for Meningitis B for those who have fallen outside of the national immunisation programme? 

Private Vaccination Against Chickenpox

Chickenpox is another illness that we hear about in the media. A highly contagious and blistering virus, it can result in a child being rapidly covered in pustular spots which can be sore and irritating for your little one. Children should be kept away from others whilst infectious, resulting in parents having to take time off work. This could cause particular problems, if siblings become infected consecutively.  There is now an opportunity to vaccinate privately against Chickenpox and bypass this itchy and uncomfortable episode altogether, offering reassurance in a world where we’re more time pressed than ever.  

Benefits of the HPV Vaccine

A virus that parents might not be as aware of is Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). This can cause genital warts and cancer from a viral carrier when sexually active even for the first time. Nearly all cervical cancers (99.7%) are caused by infection with a high risk type of HPV. Since the introduction of the HPV vaccine infections of HPV have reduced by 86% in England (PHE 2018) and was first given to girls in the Schools vaccine programme in 2008. 

The HPV vaccine is the best way to protect girls from getting cervical disease but all women should still attend their cervical screening appointment (currently starts at age 25 years) even if they have been vaccinated.  From September 2019 all 12-13yr olds in Year 8 will be offered 2 doses HPV vaccine in the UK childhood schedule, including boys. For those who have missed the opportunity for the HPV vaccine, parents can arrange an HPV vaccination privately for boys or girls from a private clinic.

The above vaccines are just a handful of those available as part of a wellness portfolio at MASTA. Any queries or concerns can be discussed with our specialist Clinicians during your appointment to ensure that you’re as informed as you possibly can be before making such an important decision. Specialists for over 35 years, MASTA now has over 200 clinics across the UK wide network. To learn more about the diseases or find your nearest clinic and book an appointment visit our website.

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