Younger generation can’t cook

A quarter of young Brits struggle to cook simple dishes, such as pasta, a shocking survey has revealed

While celebrity chefs across Britain have spent recent years on a mission to make cooking more accessible, it appears youngsters still have a way to go when cooking the basic stuff.

The study, carried out by Mintel, found that 22 per cent of those aged between 16-24 find it difficult to cook even the most simplest dishes, such as pasta, to to correct texture.

Rice also proved to be problematic for those questioned. Perhaps even more shockingly, the study also found that one in five adults also struggle when it comes to cooking rice.

Alex Beckett, senior food analyst at Mintel, said, ‘It appears that the efforts of some of Britain’s best loved chefs to make cooking easier and more accessible have gone rather off the boil.’

When it comes to rice, many people tend to fall back on the use of microwaveable rice as a ‘sure to succeed’ alternative. While this option may be easier, it is also more expensive than buying dried rice and making it from scratch.

Alex added, ‘Knowing the basics of cooking from scratch rather than tearing open a pre-prepared packet could help young people improve their health as well as their bank balance.’

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