Wood-Burning Stoves in the Modern Home

Are wood burning stoves a viable heating option in the modern sustainable home? We find out about the latest in technology from the experts at Capital Fireplaces

Are wood-burning stoves a viable alternative to gas or electric heating?
Yes, as a single room (most commonly a lounge) and can be cheaper to run than a Gas, Electric or Oil appliance especially with the current fuel price increases. They are unlikely to be a realistic option to heat an entire house but give a wonderful ambience to a room.

Do they comply with DEFRA’s Clean Air Strategy?
Only stoves that are Eco 2022 compliant. From January 2022 all stoves manufactured to be sold in the UK should be Eco 2022. Look out for the Eco 2022 badge.

Is it true that wood-burning stoves emit a lot of particulates?
Older less efficient stoves may produce a lot of particulates, but it also depends on the type of fuel you are burning. Only burn dry seasoned logs that have a moisture content of less than 20%. Burning wet logs increases particulates whilst reduces the amount of heat you will get from a stove. An open fire can produce almost 10 times the number of particulates than an Eco 2022 stove and will give less heat output.

Is their fuel renewable and sustainable?
Yes. As trees are commercially felled others are replanted forming a sustainable cycle.

How are changes to the law going to affect wood-burning stoves?
Changes to the law will mean that all newly manufactured wood burning stoves sold in the UK must be Eco 2022 compliant. As of May 2022, wood sold in volumes of less than 2 cubic meter (think of a 6ft x 6ft box) must be certified as “Ready to Burn” which confirms it has a moisture content of less than 20%. Larger loads should be provided with a notice on how to dry, store and check moisture content before it is used. Local authorities are responsible for enforcing these rules.

Are Capital’s wood-burning stoves compliant?
Yes. The majority of Capital’s stoves are Eco 2022 compliant and have been for some time. Our remaining stoves will be phased out by the summer of 2022.

What sort of design choices are available in Capital’s Eco 2022 stoves?
Capital offer designs to suit all tastes from Traditional through to Contemporary constructed in Cast Iron or Steel. We also offer Inset stoves that can be installed with a fireplace. (See top of page, the Bassington ECO 2022 DEFRA Approved Multi Fuel Stove).

What can you tell us about Capital’s partnership with National Forest?
In 2019 Capital teamed up with The National Forest to help rejuvenate and manage our country’s woodland areas. For every Capital Eco Stove that is purchased, we donate so that you are helping to grow the National Forest and create woodland habitats that will benefit people and wildlife for years to come.

What’s the history of Capital Fireplaces?
Capital Fireplaces was established over 28 years ago to manufacture and supply high quality, elegant and affordable fireplaces crafted from natural materials. Since then, the company has expanded and developed to become one of the leading UK trade suppliers of fireplaces, fires and stoves. Our range combines supreme craftsmanship with style and elegance. From cottage bedrooms to elegant drawing rooms, farmhouses to flats, we have a fireplace and stove to complement every home.

Where can I find out more about Capital’s Eco 2022 stoves?
Visit www.capitalfireplaces.co.uk and click on the Stove tab to view our extensive range. We only sell via specialist independent retailers and your nearest one can also be located on the web site.

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