Women using a men’s product to control hair growth

A hair delaying shaving cream aimed at men has reported that women buyers are behind its sudden rise in sales

The cream, called The Bluebeards Revenge, contains an ingredient called Decelerine which works to reduce hair growth. The cream was originally designed for men who want to control their heavy beard, as it claims to have the ability to reduce stubble by up to 40 per cent in just over 60 days.

However, the brand has found that over 2,000 women have also bought the shaving cream since its launch.

Tom Truman, a spokesman for the brand, said, ‘Despite the product being heavily aimed at men with heavy beard growth, we started noticing a quarter of customers buying were women. We presumed at first they were buying for their husbands, but the trend continued and is now accounting for half our sales.’

After researching the reason for the high sales, The Bluebeards Revenge found that women, who had seen men using the cream, had decided to use it to reduce their own unwanted hair growth.

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