Women overspend before their holiday

As many women are trying to tighten their purse strings, it seems that there is one area where they are refusing to cut back, their holiday wardrobe

According to a recent study, carried out by isme.com, it was found that 85 per cent of women plan to splash out on their holiday wardrobe, with bills totaling to a staggering £1,500.  This figure is often more than they have paid for the holiday itself, with the average trip abroad costing £677 per person.

Despite the massive spending spree that women go on before their holiday, the study found that 65 per cent of women only wear half of the items that they have packed.

Susan Quilliam, an adult psychologist, stated that the reason many women overpack is because they want to boost their self-confidence while on the beach or enjoying a night out.

Quilliam said, ‘While mature women may effortlessly balance work and family life for 50 weeks of the year, when it comes to holidays even the most self-aware women may find their confidence slipping.’

Lynda Bellingham, brand ambassador for isme.com has come up with a fail-safe packing list for a seven day break abroad that will help women to stop overspending and overpacking:

Clothes: Linen jacket, Cardigan, 2x dresses (one for daytime, one for evening wear, such as a bright maxi dress), 2x skirts (floral prints are stylish and summery), 3x t-shirts / vests (opt for stylish Breton stripes and block colours), 2x shorts (in neutral colours like khaki or denim), 2x swimsuits.

Shoes: 2x wedges and 2x flat sandals (chose colours that go with everything, such as tan or white).

Accessories: 3x handbags (one large bag for the beach, one smaller for daytime and an evening bag, such as a clutch), a sarong and a hat that is easy to pack as this will not only prevent sun stroke, but will save hair colour from going orange, which is never a good look!

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