Wine Connoisseur? Are British people too scared to order wine in a restaurant?

Are you a wine connoisseur? According to a new study about ordering in restaurants, you might be part of a dwindling number.

The research, carried out by French Wines with Style, found that 12.5 per cent do not feel confident when choosing wine to go with a meal. As a result, 25.8 per cent pass the job to a fellow diner, hoping they might be that wine connoisseur.

Despite the lack on knowledge in the wine department, few people pluck up the courage to ask their waiter for advice.

Gerard Basset OBE, the reigning World Champion Sommelier, comments, ‘If you know about wines, then great; but if you are confused or uncertain about which wine to choose, then take advantage of the help to hand.  The waiter or sommelier is there to help.’

Basset also gave some good tips on how you can become wine connoisseur:

• If you taste a wine, try to define it by style. Is it light, medium, full-bodied or aromatic?

• Generally delicate, light foods are better with light or medium wines; heavy dishes with heavier wines; and aromatic wines with spicy foods.

• Use the tasting notes on the wine list to guide you.

• Wait until everyone has ordered their meals before choosing the wine as that will help you decide on a match.

• Set a price bracket for the wine you select and stick to it as there will be fewer choices to make.

• Don’t forget to check out the wines by the glass offer. Often people choose very different dishes around a table so it might be better to order individual wines for each dish.

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