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Windows are often the focal points of a room, and the right window dressings can considerably enhance the look of a space. This is particularly important when making your home appealing to prospective buyers as attractive windows are one of the first things they will notice when entering a room.

Wooden blinds—natural wood slats that have been treated or painted—are a classic, durable choice that would complement most homes, particularly period properties. They are available in a range of finishes, from dark ebony to light maple. Faux wood blinds are an option for the more budget-conscious and also those living in humid places as they won’t warp or crack with moisture. If you have sliding glass doors or large floor-to-ceiling windows, panel track blinds will be just the ticket. If attached to the ceiling they can even be used as a room divider.

Shutters are a popular window dressings choice and one that can add real value to a property. As well as offering a striking architectural accent to a room they can block light effectively and also act as an insulator for heat, cold and noise. Those looking to stamp their own personal style upon a room should opt for drapes and curtains. There’s lots of scope for creativity as they come in numerous colours and fabrics. They’re also a practical choice as the right ones can block light effectively and—if lined—can also offer thermal insulation.

If you want to combine functionality with aesthetics, then roman shades—which consist of one continuous piece of fabric that folds up when raised—give the look of fabric curtains without the attendant bulk. For a more discreet option choose roller shades, which roll up into a neat tube when raised. Those looking to conserve energy and reduce their heating bills should consider window dressings such as cellular shades, which are made up of tiny pockets of honeycomb-shaped cells that trap air and insulate against cold and heat. 

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