Why You Should Use TensCare Maternity TENS For Your Natural Labour Pain Relief

Tenscare Maternity TENS are specifically designed and clinically proven to provide effective labour pain relief by sending TENS stimulation through four electrode pads placed on your back. With three programmes designed for each stage of labour and even a setting to encourage milk flow, these little devices will soon become your trusty sidekick from late pregnancy through to motherhood.


Recommended by the NHS and midwives around the world, TENS pain relief is a safe and drug free alternative or addition to traditional childbirth pain relief. TENS works by blocking pain signals to the brain, as well as increasing endorphin release to heighten pain tolerance and promote a feeling of calm.

TensCare Maternity TENS are used in many UK hospitals and have won multiple awards for their ease of use and unique features, such as a contraction timer to effectively measure your labour progress, a labour log to track your total time in labour and a boost button for additional pain relief during contractions. A new innovation to these devices is breast electrodes that can be used with programme A to encourage and maintain healthy milk flow. Unlike other options, TENS is completely side effect free for both mother and baby and allows you to be in complete control of your own labour pain relief.

TensCare’s Maternity range doesn’t stop at TENS machines. As well as handy bath safety thermometers and nightlights, TensCare has also developed a range of modern and beautiful breast pumps designed to provide optimal comfort and performance whilst you express milk using a host of innovative features. We worked with mums during the development process to ensure our new Nouri Pump range offers everything you are looking for in a breast pump and more, making it easier than ever to focus on your baby while you effortlessly, quickly, and quietly express milk. The Nouri range is BPA free, dishwasher safe, lightweight and compact, designed to take the trouble out of expression and feeding, so you can focus on bonding with your baby. Mums love the Nouri Duo so much they voted it a winner of the Project Baby Awards 2022.

TensCare – with you from pregnancy all the way through to motherhood.

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