Why the Right Frame of Mind is an Essential Tool for DIY

The right tools are essential for any DIY job, but the approach is important too. Martin Newsome from Newsome Tools explains why

What are the essential tools for interior DIY jobs?

Time and the right frame of mind are the essential prerequisite to do a good job, an unhurried mind set, your favourite music in the background, and mobile phone on silent!

Various sizes of our paint brush, a paint roller, paint tray, masking tape in 2 or 3 different sizes… A decent step ladder that is safe to use, and a few sheets of sandpaper (The pre-cut pack saves time tearing up large sheets).

The difference between having only one size of paint brush and then having to stop work while driving to your DIY store to buy another is far greater than buying two or three brushes, and maybe having one spare at the end of the task!

What are the essential tools for garden DIY jobs?

To avoid lots of frustration, a study of the weather forecast is a good first step!

A decent set of gloves to avoid nasty cuts and prickles from rose trees, a good hose-pipe with all the fittings you are likely to need, pruners, tree loppers, shears and a spade.

What are the essential tools for automotive DIY jobs?

A set of six popular screwdrivers, a good socket set, a comprehensive range of spanners and a decent wrench – much depends on the make of car and if there are exclusive specialist tools needed.

What are the essential PPE items for DIY?

A decent set of work gloves, safety goggles – ensure these are grade 1 impact resistant- if the price seems very low, they probably are not – your eyes are very precious. If you wear glasses, then some safety specs.

What’s the difference between Newsome’s Basic, Trade and Finesse paint brushes?

The main thrust of our sales are our trade and finesse range of brushes. By putting our environmental concerns at the top of our agenda, we are on the way to becoming a brand leader. The trade brush is designed for the contractor who has considerable areas to paint. The Finesse is slightly higher priced alternative and gives longer usage

Thjs year it has become a matter of personal preference – some users buying on the basis of experience and durability other on the basis of their own or friends’ experience of usage

What are the biggest changes you have seen in your 50 years in the industry?

Because many people are not buying their first home until they are in their late 20’s or mid 30’s, consequently DIY is being taken up later than in the 1970’s when first-time buyers were younger. While at the other end of the spectrum, energetic newly-retirees are very active DIY enthusiasts, with, time and income to do the job well.

The current buyer is much better informed thanks to programmes and magazines such as Property & Home. Furthermore, the DIY enthusiast is more inspired and confident.

The old maxim of quality being remembered long after price is forgotten – is more relevant than ever.

In real terms, the cost of hand tools has not kept up with inflation, meaning the consumer has an abundance of choice, value for money and a flow of innovative useful products available to them.

What is the importance of supporting the independent reseller in the industry?

The independent retail is more than ever before not just a place to buy from. Good DIY stores offer friendly advice, customer service and after sales service which is not available online.

In addition by supporting the independent retailer the customer is supporting their local community and economy preserving jobs and the local infrastructure.

Our experience is that on a cross-section basket of products the independent reseller is more likely to offer value for money.

Many independents are members of retail buying groups enabling them to buy at competitive prices passing on the savings to the public.

What are the next areas Newsome Tools wants to expand into?

Newsome Tools are always on the lookout for new relevant products that can be added to our range and offered to our base of over 2000 resellers in the UK & Europe. It is fair to say we listen very much to our customer, consequently many product in our range have been developed following initial ideas fed by retailers, who are the mainstay of our company. We will never stand still and are always on the lookout for new opportunities!

What’s the story behind Newsome Tools?

Starting in 1967 by my late father who I joined in 1972, we sold from our vans to independent resellers at that time mainly in the North of England. Over the years we have expanded and now have three other companies in our group, employing 34 people and with a growing export market, in addition to our own national sales force covering every area of the UK. We are very much a family business with my son Jon a director and the vast majority of our team deciding to make their working life at Newsome Tools. This is very much appreciated by our customers who have built long standing relations with team members

Where can I find out more about Newsome Tools?
Our website, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter.

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