Why Mushrooms Are Good For You

We all know that mushrooms are tasty, but did you know they are also good for you? The experts from Hifas da Terra explain how they use mushrooms medicinally

What are the medicinal benefits of mushrooms?
There are many benefits, medicinal mushrooms are adaptogens, immunomodulators with many therapeutic actions: they are prebiotics, anti-viral, anti-stress, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial – the list goes on as well as being functional foods containing vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, ergosterol, statins and of utmost importance they contain beta-glucans.

What are the most beneficial types of mushrooms?
Medicinal mushrooms sometimes called functional mushrooms, are the most beneficial type of mushroom because they are important sources of bioactive compounds, a key one being beta-glucans that act as biological response modifiers meaning they maintain homeostasis in the body and are classed as adaptogens. As a result of these properties medicinal mushrooms promote health in several different ways and are a very bioavailable medicine, having anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular, anti-microbial and immune supporting benefits among others. Different cultures around the world have incorporated medicinal mushrooms into their healing practices for centuries and modern-day scientific research supports this.

What are some of the most popular products from Hifas Da Terra?
The two children’s syrups from the paediatric line, “Dr. GB” and “Dr. Immune Five” sell out all the time! There is nothing quite like them in the market for children so come September and the back to school rush there is always a shortage as many Mum’s rely on these syrups throughout the autumn and winter months, but now we are seeing demand for them all year around with the rise in allergies and sensitivities in children in the UK in general. For adults are concentrated extracts with Lion’s Mane such as “Mico-Leo” is a bestseller for brain health as is our synergy of five medicinal mushrooms in “Mico-Five”, for all round immune support in adults.


hifasHow does Hifas Da Terra maintain the quality and purity of its ingredients?
At Hifas da Terra the entire production process (from the selection of the mushroom strain to cultivation, through the extraction process, to the small details of the final product) is standardised in their formulas with respective bioactive compounds with the key active compounds listed on each product. It is important to find a brand like Hifas da Terra where the production of extracts is uniform and controlled from the start following pharmaceutical GMP standards of excellence and Hifas da Terra has one of the largest private fungal stocks in Europe and continues to develop new cultivation techniques optimised to achieve standardised production with high concentration of active ingredients.

Formulation is a reflection of our strong R&D, which includes clinical studies so we assure safety and effectiveness of our products. It all begins with a unique strain: HdT has one of the largest mycological banks in Europe, which allows us to select the most suitable strain for each development. Ourselves or our partners cultivate this strain organically following strict conditions that are established in our Hifas Quality System. We implement state-of-the-art technologies (patent pending), directly related to product potency and extraction yield. We are currently the only European company that manufactures fungal extracts in Spain. For example: Hifas Green Extraction process allows us to concentrate determined bioactive compounds and in addition we minimise natural waste as we give new uses of the resulting by-products for animal feed or agriculture. Then, we perform double and even triple analytical checks on our products where we test the absence of more than 400 pesticides, heavy metals, microbiology and more.

Why is it important to use organic ingredients in mycopharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals?
Certified organic mushroom products are imperative because mushrooms are like sponges, they are natural chelators so if the soil is not organic and contaminated with pollutants, pesticides, heavy metals etc. that mushroom could potentially soak up those toxins and become a contaminated toxic product.


Can mushroom supplements be taken alongside other herbs, supplements and medicines?
We at Hifas da Terra ask that mushroom supplements are spaced out by one hour from medicines and other products so that bioavailability is not affected. It is fine to eat fifteen minutes after taking mushroom supplements. Hifas da Terra has taken part in a study “The Medina Trial” to show that their concentrated mushroom extracts do not affect the drug-liver pathway, there is no significant interaction.

What is Hifas’ gut healing protocol?
For children aged 3 to 12 years it is recommended that they will benefit from Dr. GB (Gut and Brain) syrup a daily dose according to their body weight (0.5ml per 1kg) for at least two-three months. For adults Hifas da Terra now have a formula that contains both Reishi and Lion’s Mane in powder and extract form called Hifas-Microbiota which is a good option to stay on as an adult again for a minimum of two to three months. For adults taking Hifas-Microbiota the recommended daily dose is two capsules in the morning on an empty stomach 15 minutes before food. In both cases a consistent daily dose is important, do not miss a day.

What are Hifas Da Terra’s sustainability policies?
Hifas da Terra is an oxygen positive company, planting more than 120,000 mycorrhized chestnut trees a year. Care for the environment and sustainability is at the forefront of every decision: such as introducing 100% recyclable glass containers and using only PEFC paper from sustainable forests, we also perform a unique Hifas Green extraction process using green extraction technologies which are more sustainable and emphasise are commitment to a 360-degree approach to sustainability in every decision and manufacturing process.


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