Why is Wall Panelling a Current Trend?

A hot current trend in interior design is wall panelling, but what is its history and how can you install it in your home? The experts from Easipanel explain all.

What is the history of wall panelling in interior design?

Wall panelling was originally developed to make 15th Century homes more comfortable, insulating cold stone walls and keeping draughts at bay.
Panelling evolved, crossed continents and became something associated with wealth and nobility used ornately in grand houses on walls, staircases and around fireplaces.

Modern wall panelling is still used to make a home feel more comfortable and stylish, still retaining a practical element in providing wall protection from daily traffic grubbiness, being easier to maintain.

What types of materials are available?

Wall panelling is made out of anything from exotic veneers and solid wood, to plastic, if that floats your boat.

A perfectly practical material for DIY wall panelling is MDF.

e.g EASipanel is a moisture resistant MDF panel which is FSC certificated and made in the UK.

MDF gives the feel of wood (available with a woodgrain effect) without the shrinking or cracking of traditional softwoods. It provides a fantastic surface to paint to suit interior designs, without the knots and sap leakage often found in real wood.

What varieties of decorative finishes are available?

EASipanel is available in two styles:

Tongue & Groove style – a popular choice for many as it is so adaptable. Whether it is a classic cottage feel, a minimal ‘Scandi ’Style or an on-trend Retro Eclectic vibe – EASipanel T&G is a go-to DIY solution.

Raised & Fielded design – a classic, rich, luxe look perfectly suited to a dining area or hallway and stairs. This style instantly transforms a plain room, adding character, warmth and a perfect backdrop for artwork or a statement wallpaper.

Used in an hallway and up the stairs it enables continuity through the house and a sense of height and space.

Is wall panelling a DIY job or does it require expert installation?

Traditionally a joiner would be required to pin wall panelling on to wall mounted batons. Modern day panelling has provided the regular home owner with panelling systems they can install without the need for a joiner.

For example, EASipanel can be simply stuck onto existing prepared walls with a grab adhesive product giving a professional finish saving time and money. This product is only 6mm thick so can be installed above existing skirting.

DIY panelling can be cost effective and save time and hassle.

What are the standard panel sizes? Can I get them cut to custom sizes?

EASipanel comes pre-cut in two sizes:
915mm x 516mm – standard dado height for wall panelling.
1522mm x 516mm – taller for stairs to enable retention of height and regular wall panelling.
915mm x 516mm – standard dado height.
1522mm x 516mm – for continuing up stairs.

EASipanel is available to order without the woodgrain in 2440mm x 516mm for full wall panelling (minimum order 100 panels. Non MR only.)

Can I get decorative mouldings to match my wall panelling?

There are many decorative mouldings to neatly finish your wall panels, available at DIY stores and timber yards. Most often wall panels are finished with a dado rail but hook racks and shelving are also used (remember to fix appropriately if rack and shelves will be weight bearing).
EASipanel provide a dado rail which has a specifically designed rebate to enable satisfyingly neat jointing to the wall panel.

Internal and external beading is also available if this look is preferred. Wall panel edges can be butted up neatly against each other in corners and on edges, often softening to a neat finish once very lightly sanded and painted, but mouldings are there to cover up if required.

How can I decorate my wall panelling?

EASipanel is made from high quality MDF and provides a perfect surface for painting. It is advised to choose the right paint for the situation e.g wipeable, water resistant, mildew resistant, matt, gloss or satin.

The colour choice is vast – minimal, neutral, classic or funky, a colour to fit every interior and mood.

Wall panelling provides a great base for favourite artwork, particularly strong in a hallway/stairs or dining area or team it with a gorgeous statement wallpaper to create impact.

What is the EASipanel system?

The Easipanel system comprises of pre cut panels in two sizes and two styles. Each panel has a neat jointing system to enable a seamless, professional finish as opposed to more basic MDF sets with blunt edges that are often visible. The available dado continues that seamless finish and internal and external beading is available if required.

Where can I find out more about EASipanel?

E: info@easipanel.co.uk
T: 0113 2718311
W: www.easipanel.co.uk

The EASipanel Team always love seeing what everyone is doing with their wall panelling. Whether it is transforming loft space or giving the garden shed a make over, EASipanel comes to the rescue.

We love our product and are always here to help!

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