Why Goats’ Milk is Good For Your Skin

Goats’ milk is great to drink, but did you know it is also a healthy natural ingredient in skin care products? The experts from Goats of the Gorge explain why

Who are Goats of the Gorge products aimed at?

All ages seeking the benefits of natural ingredients to help eczema and psoriasis as well helping to maintain healthy skin.

What are the positive qualities of goats’ milk?

Goats’ milk contains lactic acid which helps to break down dead skin cells and Vitamin A, helping to rejuvenate the skin.

How is goats’ milk particularly beneficial for children?

Its hypoallergenic and its PH levels are similar to human skin, it contains many healthy minerals.

Where and Goats of the Gorge ingredients from and where are the products made?

The ingredients are purchased from established suppliers within the UK and all our products manufactured in house at our Soapery based in Somerset.

Are Goats of the Gorge products cruelty free?

All of our products are registered with Leaping Bunny (Cruelty free international).

What are the most popular Goats of the Gorge products?

Our Goat’s milk skin creams are the most popular product we manufacture. A little goes a long way and it can be applied to hands, face and body.

Where can I find a Goats of the Gorge stockist?

UK wide, Visit our Stockist page Stockists – Goats of the Gorge and enter your postcode to find a shop near you.

What are your delivery charges?

Free UK delivery on all order over £30.00/ £3.50 standard charge for orders below £30.00

What’s the story behind Goats of the Gorge?

The family business started 10 years ago when its founder Nick was diagnosed with osteoporosis and advised to drink goats’ milk to build his calcium levels. He later discovered the many other benefits goats’ milk offers when applied in skincare. Nick started making soap in the kitchen and giving it to family and friends. The feedback was overwhelming so he started selling at markets before venturing into farm shops, garden centres and pharmacies. Both sons (Ricky) and (Daniel) left their full time jobs to join Nick as Directors and added their experience to promote the business working with larger retailers. They are on a mission to help many more people with sensitive skin complaints.

Where can I find out more about Goats of the Gorge?

You find out more by visiting our about page About – Goats of the Gorge – Goats’ milk Skincare- For sensitive & healthy skin.



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