Why Exposure to Dirt and Germs Can Actually Be Good For Your Child’s Immune System

There is a fine line between keeping your kids hygienic and healthy, and keeping them so far away from any germs that it actually becomes bad for them

Did you know that exposure to germs can actually be good for your child’s immune system?

Having a hygienic space for your kids is important, as is teaching them to wash their hands properly and keep bad germs at bay by sneezing into tissues and so on. However, it is also important to expose them to germs and let them get a bit dirty every once in a while for the sake of their immune system.

Research has shown that dirt is actually great for your kids. This is because it introduces healthy microbes to the body, which is the number one reason you should let your kids play outside (also the fact that it gets them away from the TV of course). The fear of dirt and germs among parents is common and understandable, however it is gradually being reversed with the knowledge that complete lack of germs can mean that your child grows up with a week immune system. Medical professionals actually agree that exposure to dirt and germs at an early age can help to prevent asthma and allergies in later life.

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While it can be concerning to watch your child put things in their mouth that they shouldn’t, the truth is, that as long as it’s not a harmful chemical, they should be fine. While it might be the case that they could get sick from not washing their hands in the playground, this is also exposure to microorganisms that can hep create antibodies.

Scientists in recent years have discovered that our bodies are starting to miss microbes that were most common in previous generations, because parents have been too preoccupied with not exposing their children to any good bacteria.

So next time your child goes out to play, leave the hand sanitiser at home and let them make those mud pies.

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