Why Do You Need To Monitor Your Heart Health?

Experts at AliveCor, creators of KardiaMobile, answer our questions on monitoring your heart health, and why it’s so important

What is digital health?

Heart health is one area in which the idea of digital health is making great advances. Digital health is the combination of technology and healthcare. This includes medical devices, apps, artificial intelligence, machine learning and more.

Why is it important to monitor your heart health often?

Your heart is one of the most important organs in your body. An issue with your heart could also impact the health of other parts of your body. If you frequently monitor your heart health, you’re more likely to catch any irregularities early and treat them before they get worse.

How should I monitor my heart?

Even if you don’t have concerns about your heart health, it’s still useful to monitor its activity. You can monitor your heart health by using technology like KardiaMobile, a personal, medical-grade ECG that can detect heart irregularities in just 30 seconds. You should also check in on your heart during visits to your doctor.

What is heart disease and what causes it?

Heart disease can be a range of conditions that affect your heart and blood vessels, including arrhythmia (irregular heart rate or rhythm), heart-related birth defects and circulatory disease. Causes of heart disease are sometimes preventable, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, being overweight, and smoking.

What are possible symptoms of heart disease?

Symptoms can vary depending on the type of heart disease and per person. Common symptoms include chest pain or tightness, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat or palpitations, dizziness and fainting. However, you may not experience any symptoms at all, which is why it’s important to regularly check in on your heart health.

What can I do to improve my heart health?

You can improve your heart health by exercising regularly, following a heart-healthy diet, monitoring your heart rate and managing your blood pressure. Talk with your doctor about the best approach for you.

What type of resources are available to help me manage my heart health?

Your doctor is always an excellent resource for questions and concerns relating to your heart health. You can also find technology, like AliveCor’s KardiaMobile personal ECG, that may help you manage your heart health. Available at www.kardiamobile.co.uk and Amazon.

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