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We’ve put this year’s most popular food trends under the microscope, unearthing the latest culinary destinations, events, products, gadgets and experiences

2017 has seen some unexpected advancements within the food industry; it seems the UK’s appetite for exciting cuisine intensifies with every passing year. Pioneering chefs are meeting this demand head-on by introducing unique produce, eye-opening experiences and enjoyable festivals to the public’s gastronomic repertoire—and quite frankly, it’s been a success. Check out this season’s hottest food movements which are sure to stimulate and delight the senses. 

The trends

Bit of a pickle

Years ago, you may have found a lingering jar of pickled onions in the back of your store cupboard left over from a previous Christmas. More recently, we’ve seen a revamp in the concept of pickling, preserving and fermenting. Hipsters and home cooks alike have embraced the act of flavouring fruits, vegetables and grains with vinegars and spices. It has been a staple of the Scandi custom for an age, yet for some reason we are only just catching on. From rosemary-pickled plums to kimchi (spicy Korean cabbage)—this food can be added to sandwiches or alongside a main. So clear a space on your shelf, grab a spare jar and try your hand at pickling.

Feeling Pacific 

The Pacific region of the globe is a melting pot of flavours. With an abundance of fused and fresh elements, there’s a lot to get your teeth sunk into—and the masses are doing just that. Cuisines from the Philippines, Polynesia, Cuba and Hawaii have joined the UK food scene and people are saying ‘aloha!’. Balancing sweet, salty and spicy flavours, this lively food is slowly spreading from London to other major cities. Hawaiian fare in particular is grabbing the media’s attention, being both healthy and flavourful. Poké (pronounced poh-kay) is a Hawaiian delicacy consisting of cubed raw fish marinated in soy sauce, alongside raw vegetables and exotic fruit—it’s set to become the new sushi. 

The experiences

The Kitchen, Chewton Glen, New Forest 

Consider yourself a foodie? Here’s a destination where you can channel your love of cooking and crunch on something delicious. Take to the ovens in The Kitchen’s cookery school, with state-of-the-art facilities and locally sourced produce that will knock your oven gloves off. If that wasn’t enough excitement, James Martin is a regular visitor, spending the day teaching guests his culinary expertise and later in the evening cooking a selection of dishes for 12 lucky diners. Browse a vast collection of over 40 unique classes in The Kitchen and become an expert in whatever cuisine you choose. Anyone from the ages of eight to 80 (and above) can be inspired by a day spent cooking in the school, taking home your food creations, apron and a complimentary bag from the experience. From experimenting with traditional Middle Eastern cuisine to blending your very own bespoke gin with Pothecary Gin co-founder Martin Jennings, there is something that caters to every taste. For those that prefer to kick back, taste the gourmet menu designed by James Martin in the eatery. Here,  you can watch the cooks through the glass paneled space whilst delighting in a wagyu beef burger, stone-baked pizza or tapas selection.

The Ginstitute, London 

The Ginstitute is located in The Distillery at 186 Portobello Road in London, offering an unparalleled gin experience for beginners or a masterclass for gin fanatics. You will be introduced to your gin instructor who will educate your team on the history of the spirit, dating back 200 years and leading up to the ‘ginaissance’ that we are now experiencing. You’ll sample the best gins and learn to identify the subtle notes that make each one special. Then you’ll be able to fashion your own. Feeling more like a science experiment than a liquor-making class, you will be donning aprons and playing around with beakers. Each visitor will make their own brew with botanicals and spices that are appealing to their own taste buds.

The products

Watermelon water

First, it was coconut water. Now, watermelon water is hitting the shelves and fast becoming the new refreshing fad drink. Beyoncé invested in WTRMLN WTR last year and it has been taking off ever since.

Orange wine

People are always in search of an interesting alcoholic treat—they may just have found it in orange wine. Named for its colour rather than citrus elements, it combines the rich taste of red and the light freshness of white. 


Everywhere we look at the moment, there’s matcha—in lattes, buns, smoothies and teas. People can’t get enough of wholesome green tea brands like Kanuka. Matcha is even making its way into cakes and savoury goods. 

What’s ahead?

We make our predictions for the future and ask: what food and drink trends will the public gobble up in the months to come? 

Breakfast anytime 

Waffles with bacon and granola with berries— these are no longer just restricted to the breakfast table. We think they’ll become ‘anytime’ meals. With boozy brunches becoming the rage, it only makes sense for breakfast treats to be eaten later in the day—let’s just wait and see. 

No wastage 

There have been various reports recently that UK food establishments have been throwing away perfectly edible food. The restaurateur’s solution? Create a menu that focuses on ‘waste’ products; whether it be potato skins or overly ripe bananas. We believe it may even trickle down into the more refined inventory of Michelin-starred chefs for an added challenge. 

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