What your perfume says about you

Smell is one of the five senses and is a large part of non-verbal communication

Put simply, what scent you wear communicates much more than the label you’re wearing. It says a lot about your personality type, how attractive you are and how successful you are.

Successful people like to make an impact. They are often confident, out going and want to reflect this in how they smell. It’s no coincidence that Christian Dior’s Poison was the best selling perfume in the era of 80s power dressing!

Perfume is described as having three sets of ‘notes’ making up a scent. The notes unfold over time, with the immediate impression of the top note leading to the deeper middle notes, and the base notes gradually appearing as the final stage. These notes are created carefully with knowledge of the evaporation process of the perfume.
The perfume you wear should make an impact, increase your confidence and make your feel gorgeous!

A heavy oriental scent attracts an emotionally charged woman. She will be keen on making a favourable impression on others. She pays a great deal of attention to her clothes.

Tangy scent is preferred by the physically active person. They cannot sit still for long. In rushing through life, they might have made many acquaintances but they seldom have genuine friends. They are, however, admired and respected by all who come in contact with them.

Floral favourites
If you like a touch of romance in everything you see, smell and touch, a floral scent will complement your appeal and have you smelling natural and feeling fresh as a daisy.

Oriental Spice
This one is for the those who ooze natural confidence and sophistication. They know what they want and have a way of getting it. Spice it up with these fragrances.

Woody fragrance for the sensual
Are you sensual yet classy, free-spirited yet grounded, nurturing yet confident? Then woody fragrances are for you.

An aromatic blend
If you value all that is classic, exude true style and are a self-made woman, this one is for you. A potent mix of berries, citrus, lavender, spices and more will help you tap into your feisty side!

Perfumes are as much a part of your style as the accessories you choose.  It can take some time to find your ‘signature scent’, but let’s face it, shopping for your chosen fragrance can be a lot of fun!

By Jason Zemmel, perfume expert and the founder of discount health and beauty e-tailer http://www.halfpriceperfumes.co.uk offers leading brands including Lancôme, Yves Saint Laurent, Elizabeth Arden and Givenchy at discounts of up to 70 per cent.

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