What Makes a Good School Shoe?

What makes a good school shoe? We asked the experts from Froddo

As children grow up there are key lessons they have to learn; equality, fairness, respect and discipline. The school uniform and wearing only black school shoes has played a major part in this ethos for many generations and in many countries around the world – a tradition we would like to continue.

Children’s feet grow fastest during the first 10 years of life, and when they’re in school for 30 hours a week, it’s important that their shoes are suited for the job. Froddo school shoes are made from premium quality leather with padded ankles, arch support and toe protection, they are anatomically shaped, lightweight and flexible to provide ultimate comfort.

By listening to what children want in a shoe and then designing around that with the help of pediatricians and orthopedics, you can be sure that the features of Froddo school shoes are functional, durable and comfortable.

Key Features

  • Premium soft leather
  • Fully leather lined providing maximum breathability
  • Padded around the ankle and tongue area allowing maximum movement and comfort.
  • Lightweight, rubber toe cap to protect the shoes, and children’s feet from scuffing
  • Removable antibacterial leather insole

Boys’ Shoes

Froddo’s most popular boy’s school shoes are the Leo and Miroko.
The Froddo Leo (style number G31030188) is the most popular design for younger boys with a European size range of 27- 40, UK child size 9 to adult size 7.5. This shoe is light weight with a rugged tread outsole, substantial front toe cap, leather lined, padded and secured double straps – the number one choice for parents in 2021.

Froddo Leo boys’ shoe

With its more mature look the Froddo Miroko (style number G31030133) is a classy choice for boys of all ages as the sizes range from European 25-40, and UK child size 7.5 to adult size 7.5. The rubber front is textured to blend into the leather upper and add that special something. They’re a comfortable, hard wearing, leather lined and padded shoe.

Froddo Miroko boys’ shoe

Girls’ Shoes

With multiples styles available in both the Evia and Mia ranges it’s no wonder that they’re Froddo’s most popular girls’ shoes for school.

The patient version of the Froddo Evia (style number G3140128-1) is the top choice for a more traditional shoe. The unique design of stars and raindrops is beloved by both younger and older girls. The T bar allows adjustment to fitting and the leather lined and padded ankles means all day comfort – what more could you want.

Froddo Evia girls’ shoe

With a little something extra the Froddo Mia Flower (style number G3140074-A) is a patent shoe that has a lovely design of three leather flowers secured with black metal studs. It has been in the Froddo Collection for many years, and is consistently on the top of the ‘best school shoe’ list – and we can see why, as the sweet design charms both parents and children.

Froddo Mia Flower girls’ shoe

Froddo additionally offers an extensive range of boots; including traditional classic Chelsea boots, TEX waterproof boots, Classic Brogue designed lace up shoes, and unisex styles for school shoes. The latest addition is the ultralight barefoot school shoes, with a wider toe box the barefoot range encourages the natural healthy development of children’s feet.

Removable Antibacterial Leather Insole

Froddo shoes also come with a removal antibacterial leather insole. Both shock absorbing and 100% breathable, the insole is a great feature that keeps young developing feet dry and comfortable during all day wear. The insole also features an illustrated smiley face indicator which provides a handy foot check mark. It shows where the child’s biggest toe should sit to indicate to parents when they should make an appointment to check their child’s feet with their local Froddo shoe fitter.

Sustainable Production & Respect for Nature

When you buy sustainable footwear, you’re looking after the environment and the people in it. Froddo shoes are made using 100% renewable energy resources, and all packaging is 100% recyclable. So, not only are you thinking about our Earth when buying Froddo shoes, you’re also contributing to a better quality of life for your children’s future. Made by our local skilled employees and high-quality materials the Froddo factory is a responsible shoe manufacturer.

For further information, you can find us on www.froddo.com.

Kidsnewshoes.com Ltd is the distributor of Froddo in the UK and Ireland. To find your nearest Froddo stockist, check out kidsnewshoes.com/stockists for details, (www.Kidsnewshoes.com)

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