What Is The Best Treatment For A UTI?

Urinary Tract Infections are very common, especially among women. Celebrity Angels talked to the Technical Director at Vita Green Europe to gain expert insight on what a UTI is, how we can relieve symptoms and whether antibiotics are the best way forward

1. Firstly, what is a UTI?

Cystitis and urinary tract infections, often referred to as UTIs, are reported as the most common type of bacterial infection in primary care, causing between 1 – 3 percent of all doctor visits.

Cystitis involves the lower urinary tract and typical signs/symptoms include:

·      A painful stinging or burning sensation during urination

·      The need to urinate more frequently

·      Cloudy, red, pink or dark-coloured urine

·      Discomfort or pressure in the lower abdomen

·      Urine with a strong odour

·      Pain in the pelvic area (women) or rectum (men)

·      Fever

2. What causes a UTI?

The vast majority-80% of UTI’s are caused by bacteria-mainly E coli adhering to the bladder wall and setting up an infection.

3. Why are UTI’s more common in women than men?

Uncomplicated UTIs affect both sexes and all ages but the majority occur in women and the frequency of infection increases markedly with age. Many women report their first problem at the menopause.  E coli is resident in the perineal and anal region. It seems that the reason why women have more UTI’s than men is due to the shortness of the urethra, facilitating the invasion of the urinary bladder through this “tube”.  E coli are therefore able to adhere to the bladder wall and an infection occurs.

4. What is the first thing somebody should do if they are suffering with symptoms of a UTI? Should they go to the doctor straight away?

Mild uncomplicated cystitis usually clears up within a few days. You can treat it at home by drinking plenty of water, which seems an endless task but can have positive results, and also taking painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen.

Cranberry juice has long been considered as a potential help, but the high natural sugar content is a concern. Cranberry extract with a high PAC content such as Cysticlean® 240mg PAC can be taken. PAC’s have proven anti-adhesive effect on E coli. It is also advised to keep well hydrated, drinking 2 litres of water a day.

If fever and pain is present a visit to the doctor is advised. They may prescribe an antibiotic if deemed necessary.

Recurring UTI’s can be a common problem in females. What should you do if you find that it’s having an effect on your quality of life? Keeping well hydrated, good hygiene, weight control- and improving health in general will help fight off potential re. infection. However, recurrent infections will have damaged the bladder wall making it easier for e coli to adhere to the bladder wall.

5. Can you explain what Cysticlean is?

Cysticlean is a special American cranberry extract with a very high proanthocyanidins (PAC) content-240mg PAC per capsule.

Its sugar free and vegetarian.

6. How does Cysticlean work to relieve a UTI?

Over a million women in Europe have already benefited from a natural approach by taking Cysticlean 240mg PAC®, which is ideal for customers looking for a drug free, one a day, support for their urinary system.

Cranberries contain a group of scientifically documented very specific antioxidants called proanthocyanidins (PAC’s). Recurring urinary tract infections can result in damage to the bladder walls encouraging toxins to attach to the walls of the bladder, where they can proliferate. PAC’s have the ability to block the ‘receptors’ existing on the bladder walls improving the bladder’s ability to flush away those toxins. A higher concentration of PAC’s has been proven in studies to have a greater effect. The effect is therefore dose dependent.

Cysticlean is a premium product containing 240mg PAC’s derived from the North American Red Cranberries, has the highest content of PAC’s available. This differentiates Cysticlean from most other cranberry supplements.

For medical professionals and practitioners’ full details of all evidence may be found on our website www.cysticlean.co.uk.

7. Why should people buy Cysticlean rather than just normal cranberry juice to clear up their UTI?

Cranberry juice varies in composition and PAC content and is also very high in sugar content. It would be necessary to drink very large quantities to gain the same effect.

8. Most people with a UTI are able to go to the doctor and get antibiotics. Would this not be the better option?

Recent research continues to support alternative approaches to treating recurrent UTI’s.

Bacterial antibiotic resistance continues to be a world health issue. Public Health England is working hard to reduce antibiotic use for UTI’s in general practice.  Taking antibiotics for recurrent UTI’s can accelerate the appearance of bacterial resistance to the most frequently used antibiotics, a major concern for public health.

9. Finally, can you tell us how to get Cysticlean and how to take it?

Cysticlean 240mg PAC® is available from Independent Health Stores and Pharmacies, Revital and online and by phone at Victoria Health.

There is an online store finder.

Cysticlean is to be taken once a day, ideally in the evening with water for ongoing comfort of the urinary system. Where required it may be taken twice a day morning and evening.

Visit the website for more information.

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