What Could a Garden Room Add to Your Life?

What’s behind the current trend for garden rooms, and what could you do with one? The experts from eGardenRooms explain all

What are the most popular applications for garden rooms?

The main reason people at the moment are investing in eGardenRoom are as work at home offices, allowing them to free up space in the home and achieve a more balanced home work environment.

After building a gym for Matt Does Fitness, we are also finding a high demand for home gyms and sporting outlets such as simulated golf rooms, snooker table rooms and computer game rooms etc.

How are they constructed? How long does it take?

All our eGardenRooms are constructed to building regulation standards. Ask for a brochure for full construction details. eGardenRooms take on average one to three weeks depending on size to build.

Do I need planning permission to install one?

On most of our eGardenRooms no planning is needed as they would come within permitted development, although there may be time when it would be needed, such as if it was a listed building or if it were to be built on conservation ground. eGardenRooms would help you obtain the correct permission and advise all the way.

What do I do about heating, lighting and electricals?

The heating most commonly used for our eGardenRooms is underfloor heating, but we have also installed air conditioning units, log burners and radiators. Being a fully bespoke service we would build to your ideas.

Can I have extras such as underfloor heating and air conditioning?

eGardenRooms unlike other companies offer a full turn key service so that the electrics would be run to your eGardenRoom and any water and waste for bathrooms kitchen would also be taken care of by eGardenRooms. All garden rooms come with full electrics suited to your style.

Can I make a garden room waterproof and soundproof?

Yes obviously all our eGardenRooms are fully waterproof and built the same way as a timber framed house. We have built many sound proof eGardenRooms as sound studios and music rooms even party rooms.

Could I run a business such as a beauty salon from a garden room? Could I rent it out?

Many of our Clients have started or are running businesses from their eGardenRooms. We have built salons, nail bars, therapy rooms, artist studios and many more. They are the perfect space to start up your own creative business. We also build full time living eGardenRooms that can be rented out on short term or used for an Airbnb business.

How much would it cost me to get a survey for a garden room?

Surveys for eGardenRooms are completely free with no obligation at all. Simply call up or go on line at info@egardenrooms.co.uk and book an appropriate time. We will then send out one of our fully qualified team. No hard sales, just friendly advice and help to create your perfect space.

What’s the story behind eGardenRooms?

Robin started eGardenRooms after spending 30 years in the building trade. eGardenRooms has grown considerably since the early days four years ago, and is now one of the best garden room companies around. We are still growing, taking on Will as a partner last year to take the company even further forward, and introducing our eSpot which is the perfect space for a home office in a small garden, and all at a complete amazing price of £17.500.00 including VAT. Please see our brochure for details on Will and Robin and the amazing eSpot.

Where can I find out more about eGardenRooms?

To find out more about eGardenRooms go to www.egardenrooms.co.uk, call Min on 01304 275093, or email info@egardenrooms.co.uk and we will get back to you.

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