What Benefits does Filtered Water have on Health and the Environment?

Experts at Triflow Concepts tell us all about the benefits of having a filtered water tap in your home

Celebrity Angels talked to experts at Triflow Concepts to see why filtered water can have great benefits on our health and the environment, as well as how to get it and how to look after your filtered water tap.

How do the electronic systems and the Quadra differ from the original version?

The Triflow Electronic System offers all the convenience and functionality of the Triflow Original System but at the touch of a unique electronic button to activate the filtered water.

The Triflow Quadro System, however, delivers not only Hot, Cold and Filtered water but also the added benefit of instant Boiling water all in one tap. The Quadro range currently boasts family links to some of our most popular Original Systems, including Churchill, Portobello and Darwin. The compact matt black 3L tank sits underneath your kitchen sink next to the filter housing and the 4 temperature settings allow you to make that perfect cup of tea.

What benefits does filtered water have on health and the environment?

The advanced and high-performing ceramic filter cartridges, exclusively manufactured for Triflow by Katadyn, result in a system that eliminates bacteria and micro-plastics whilst leaving beneficial minerals in the water.

Every year, 200 billion litres of bottled water are consumed globally which generates 1.5 million tons of plastic waste. Plastic bottles can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade, and as they do they can leach toxic chemicals into groundwater. Our point of use filtration systems make it easy and eco-friendly to drink filtered water.

What is the history of the company?

1978 – Avilion Ltd was founded

1991/1992 – Avilion Ltd uniquely developed a patented system for the world’s first tap able to deliver hot, cold and refined water from a single spout, but with a system that ensures there is no cross-contamination.

1993 – Avilion Ltd launch a new high end, luxury brand. These products continue to be specified by the most discerning architects and designers around the world.

2009 – Avilion Ltd become Triflow Concepts Ltd. To celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary, Triflow Concepts Ltd commissioned renowned architect Zaha Hadid to design two new models for Triflow. 

2010 – Triflow Concepts Ltd launched the “Back to Tap” campaign, encouraging consumers to substitute environmentally harmful bottled water with refined tap water.

2011 – Triflow Original Systems launched

2020 – Triflow Qauado 4-in-1 boiling system launched 

How does the Katadyn filter system work?

Katadyn’s pioneering designs use a four-stage filtration process. The outer shell of the tap filter is made from micro porous ceramic which filters out harmful bacteria. The ceramic itself is impregnated with silver which prevents the reproduction of bacteria. Within the core of the filter ceramic is activated carbon, to absorb any organic particles. Finally, synthetic zeolite is used to reduce and absorb selected heavy metals such as lead present in the water. All these elements combine for state-of-the-art filter technology.

How often do I have to change the filter, can I do it myself and how much does it cost?

It is recommended that you change your filter every 6 months, however if you live in a hard water area we would advise every 4 months. 

A genuine Triflow Katadyn filter costs £47.65 inc postage. (within the UK)

It is very simple to replace your filter, you will receive fitting instructions with your replacement filter, we also have videos on YouTube for reference.

What are the safety features of the Triflow Quadro system?

The Triflow Quadro systems have several safety features including:

  • Boiling water can only be activated when following this sequence: Hold lever for 3 seconds – release – hold leaver 
  • Release of lever will instantly stop flow of boiling water 
  • Cool to touch spout when dispensing boiling water
  • Dry start and boil dry prevention
  • Water heater over temperature safety cut-out
  • What can you tell us about the Triflow Designer Collection? 

The Triflow System by Zaha Hadid combines unique design with impeccable quality.  Inspired by the movement of water, the designs are a formal expression of the continuous flow of liquid.
Concealed behind the fluid Zaha Hadid design is a highly sophisticated manufacturing process, unique to the UK, and previously never utilized in the creation of a tap. The revolutionary shape requires advanced methods of production and an innovative ceramic coring process; the result is a tap that is as much a bespoke work of art as it is a kitchen or bathroom appliance. Available only on request.

How do I get my Triflow system serviced?

We use our own team of qualified plumbers to ensure your system is restored to full working order. This option is only available in selected regions of the UK. Just call our sales team on Freephone Number 0800 999 3959 and confirm:

  • Your tap model so we can confirm we have correct parts in stock.
  • Your post code so we can confirm that your area is covered by our service team.
  • What is the Back to Tap campaign? 

Our Back to Tap campaign aims to encourage consumers to forego costly and environmentally harmful bottled water and return to drinking filtered tap water. High consumer demand for bottled water has had a heavy and unnecessary impact on our environment in recent years. Some bottles travel as far as 10,000 miles by plane, ship and lorry before they reach our supermarket shelves, often originating from impoverished areas where ironically the local communities lack access to clean and safe water.

By taking the small and simple step to go Back to Tap, we can all reduce our Carbon Footprint. 

Triflows Aims :

  • To Increase Awareness
  • To Change Perceptions
  • To Encourage a Change in Behaviour

This feature was brought to you by Triflow Concepts. Find out more on their website: https://triflowconcepts.com

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