What are the Solutions to Prevent the Signs of Ageing?

The signs of ageing can start to become obvious from our early 30s, particularly for those people who have been repeatedly exposed to the sun and pollution.

There are various kinds of sun damage, the immediate burnt, blistered skin, which appears to heal quite quickly, and the prolonged damage that can take years to become apparent. There really is no such thing as a healthy tan and the long-term damage from prolonged sun exposure can wreak havoc on your skin in later years.

Age spots, wrinkles and fine lines all contribute to the signs of ageing, but fortunately there are some fantastic products and non-invasive treatments to reverse these signs, leaving you with smooth, bright and younger looking skin.

SPF application should be a vital part of your routine, even when it’s cold and cloudy. Use a high-factor, broad spectrum SPF daily to protect your face and hands from damage.

It is vital to also ensure you are keeping the skin hydrated every day by drinking plenty of water and using an anti-oxidant packed serum followed by moisturiser, morning and evening.

To fight the signs of ageing, I also suggest maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so keep to a nutritious diet, exercise regularly and avoid alcohol. It’s also a good idea to set aside time for regular facials, to make sure skin is glowing and looking its best.

Various other skin tightening and facial lifting treatments, including ULTRAcel and Thermage, are very popular due to their non-invasive action, which can achieve both short and long-term results with minimal or no downtime. It is really beneficial for reducing wrinkles, fine lines and overall rejuvenation.

Injectable treatments are also a great option to improve wrinkles and reverse the signs of ageing, in a natural and subtle way, particularly around the lip area which is always a tell-tale sign of ageing.

There are a number of signs that lips are ageing and the most common include; wrinkles and fine lines around the lips or on the lips themselves, thinning lips and a gradual downturn in the corners of the mouth.

Luckily, lip enhancements can normally target all three of these concerns no matter what stage the lips are at.  Making tiny enhancements to a thinning or wrinkling lip can change the face and a lot of patients love having subtle touches added to their lips because it does give them a lot more confidence – it is great to see.

My final piece of advice would be that, while we are always going to get older, preventative measures to protect ourselves are always going to be the most beneficial.

If you are concerned, find a clinic that has a VISIA analysis, which provides an in-depth scan of the individual facial characteristics giving a unique complexion profile and highlights any existing damage, a lot of which is invisible to the naked eye in your younger years but can be a good indication of what will become apparent in later years. This allows individuals to check the status of their skin and seek advice about how to prepare it for the future.


The Dr Rakus Daily Protect SPF 50 moisturiser is a great alternative to traditional sunscreen application, specifically formulated to keep skin hydrated and protected. With a subtle tint that adapts to any skin tone, the Dr Rakus Daily Protect SPF 50 moisturiser, loved by Melissa Odabash, makes a great addition to your morning routine.

I would recommend the Dr Levy Switzerland Intense Stem Cell Booster Serum, a supercharged concentration of anti-ageing ingredients and created by the number one Botox doctor in Switzerland, Dr Phillip Levy.

The Dr Rita Rakus Clinic offers the fantastic MD HydraFacial as well as the Oxygen facial, used in conjunction with the Deesse light and Dr Levy Switzerland products for the ultimate facial treatment, leaving skin feeling firmer and more radiant.

For those opting for a lip enhancement I would suggest Princess Fillers as these have a very low reaction rate and create a lovely soft result, so lips look natural. The Dr Rita Rakus Lip Plumper has also been made for those who would like a subtle enhancement designed to work with or without lip fillers. The product is paraben-free and made entirely from natural and organic ingredients including capsicum a powerful vasodilator to enhance the cupids bow and add extra volume to the lips. It also contains Vitamin A to increase cell turnover, Vitamin C a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin B to protect from sun damage and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Vitamin E has also been added to this product to keep lips hydrated. The product can be used as required before the application of lipstick for fuller younger looking lips.

By Dr Rita Rakus, drritarakus.com, Winner of the WhatClinic 2018 Awards and recently featured in the Tatler Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2018

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