Wearing yellow can make you happy

A colourful dress sense can help make a positive first impression

As the weather starts to heat up, applied colour psychologist, Karen Haller says wearing colourful clothes can make people feel happy and positive. Yellow and blue are a great combination for inspiring a positive mood and for coming across as intellectual, trustworthy, calm, logical and a good communicator.

Haller says, ‘Every time you select a colour to wear you are making a statement of how you are feeling and how you want others to interact with you, so make sure you wardrobe is full of colour for every mood.’

Karen’s colour tips:

1. Aim to have a balanced palette of colours in your wardrobe.  Having a full spectrum of colours will support all your emotions whether you need stimulus and excitement, peace and tranquility, time to concentrate or to attract and be approachable to others.

2. Pay particular attention to the colours missing from your wardrobe as there may be an underlying psychological or cultural reason for rejecting them.

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