Walking Safari in Kenya

A walking safari is wild and intimate, as well as an exhilarating exchange with the surrounding wildlife. Walking is actively encouraged at The C&P Portfolio camps and the routes range from easy strolls through animal rich plains to challenging mountain treks through some of Kenya’s last true wilderness areas.

The Wild Wilderness Forest Walk
Kitich Camp, Matthews Mountain Range Forest

The Mathews Mountain Range rises up out of the desert; a chain of peaks covered in dense dewy forest. Known as a biological bonanza, scientists call this tropical mountain forest a ‘sky island’, which rises up out of the surrounding sea of arid lowlands, to a startling altitude of 2200 metres and stretches back at least 10 millennia. Kitich Camp organises walks through the forest with local Samburu guides that have grown up in the mountains and know the area and the wildlife well.

The Historical Walk
Cottar’s 1920’s Camp, Maasai Mara

This ‘walk back in time’ concentrates on the ‘up close and personal’ walking experience, often coming across the largest of Africa’s wildlife such as elephant, buffalo and lion, but also spending the time on the smaller fauna such as birds, insects and the workings of the extraordinary ecosystem that is the Mara. The guide is trained to track and interpret spoor and read the signs of the wild, and to show the guest the fascinating people of the area, the Maasai, in their own environment. Guides are able to tailor the walk to any tastes, including the harder ‘exercise’ oriented trek.

The ‘Extreme Wildlife Encounter’ walk
Elephant Pepper Camp, Mara North Conservancy

This moderate walk takes in a salty spring popular with game, swamp and streams before heading up a valley along forest and amongst croton bush to a little rocky formation. The walk ends at a beautiful Diospyros tree where a nice bush breakfast or sundowner awaits. Wildlife on this route likely to be encountered includes amazing bird sightings, bush bucks, lots of diverse antelope and gazelles. Elephants and lions can often be seen during this walk.

The Geology Walk

Joy’s Camp offer a number of different walks enabling guests to enjoy wildlife close up and educate themselves on the intricacies of the surrounding region. One of the most popular is a gorge walk along the Ewaso Nyiro river. Along the gorge the guide will explain about the geology and flora as well as identifying the numerous wildlife tracks along the stunning river beaches. At the end of the walk guests are rewarded with breakfast on the river edge at a beautiful location called Challenge Beach.

The Literary walk

Named after the lioness, made famous by Joy and George Adamson’s biographical book, Born Free, Elsa’s Kopje is the only permanent lodge inside the Meru National Park and has one of the few permits to allow walking. Most of the walks take place on the beautiful Mughwango Hill where guests can enjoy the cooling breeze and magnificent views right across the plains teaming with game and wildlife. Guides are on hand to offer insightful observations on the surrounding wildlife.

The ‘Animal Kingdom’ walk

Lewa Safari Camp is in the enviable position of being in one of the most game rich but tourist poor areas of Kenya making it a fantastic animal-viewing bonanza. Lewa actively encourages guests to walk as it is a more environmentally sound way to explore the surrounding region. Lewa conservancy offers the big five, but most common on a walk in this area would be giraffe, impala, grants, buffalo, rhino (mostly white here, but possibly black), ostrich, zebra (Burchell’s and grevys).  There may be a cheetah or two, and even the remote possibility of a lion or leopard.  Elephant are in and out the park, so sightings are common.  

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