Troubleshooting Hair Problems

Want perfect hair? Live to 100 takes a look at the four most common hair issues and how to solve them.

Not everyone is blessed with perfect, red carpet-ready hair. There’s a reason why there are so many hair care products out there all claiming to do different things. As everone’s hair is different, tailor your routine to solve these common hair problems and achieve healthy, strong hair.

Dry Hair

Dry hair is crying out for moisture. Apply a good, rich conditioner after shampooing. Leave it in for about two minutes to allow it to properly coat and penetrate your strands. Additionally, you may want to apply a leave-in conditioner to towel-dried hair after your shower for extra moisture. If your hair is still dry, consider using a moisturising treatment before you wash it or use an overnight leave-in conditioning product. Rich with hair-boosting vitamins K and E, organic coconut oil is also a great  at-home natural substitute for store-bought conditioning treatments. 

Split Ends

Take steps to stop split ends from damaging your hair further. Regular haircuts are required to remove dry split ends. Between trims, use hair oil and conditioning treatments to seal split ends and prevent them from further damaging the hair shaft.

Flat and Lifeless Hair

Give your hair that extra oomph with some volumising tricks. If you use a hairdryer, tip your head upside-down while blow-drying so that it redirects from the roots. If you air-dry your hair, tie it up in a high ponytail and leave it to dry naturally. Dry shampoo and sea salt sprays will also help give your hair extra body.


Dandruff can be a real pain, especially for those with dark hair. A decent anti-dandruff shampoo should do the trick, but you may want a more natural remedy to keep the flakes at bay. Like the rest of your skin, your scalp benefits from the occasional exfoliation. 

Use sea salt to give it a good scrub. Lemon juice squeezed onto your scalp will also help to correct the pH balance of the skin on your head, keeping those pesky flakes away. •

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