Treatment for Varicose Veins

In healthy veins, blood travels to the heart without interference; in varicose veins, it can collect and even flow backward—this tends to happen when blood vessel valves stop working properly. Even though any vein in the body can become varicose—swollen, enlarged and sometimes bulgy in appearance—this predominantly occurs in the legs and feet, mainly in the calves. Luckily there is treatment for varicose veins available depending on the severity of the condition.

What are the symptoms?


Aching and uncomfortable legs are the main signs you should watch out for. Varicose veins can cause legs to become heavy and can lead to muscle cramping as well as dry skin and colour changes—especially in the lower part. Warm weather exacerbates these symptoms, as do long periods of physical inactivity. If you are worried about the appearance of your veins, make sure you visit your GP. Pregnancy, being overweight and old age can all increase your chances of developing varicose veins. As for prevention, there is very little evidence to suggest you can stop the condition from getting worse or prevent it from manifesting altogether.


Although varicose veins might be unpleasant to the eye, they do not present a serious health problem and should not affect circulation for most people. There are three main types of treatment for varicose veins available: endothermal ablation, where heat is used to seal affected veins, sclerotherapy, where a special foam is used to close the veins, and ligation and stripping, where the vein is removed through surgery.

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ClariVein® – Treatment for varicose veins

What is ClariVein®? 

The ClariVein® system uses a catheter with a unique rotating dispersion tip that offers a virtually pain-free treatment for varicose veins.

What happens during the procedure?

Once inside the vein through a pin-sized entry puncture, the tiny rotating tip of the catheter is set in motion inside of the vein, delivering medicine specified by your doctor. This particular treatment for varicose veins takes very little time and causes minimal discomfort.

Why choose it?

Procedures which use ClariVein are often simpler, faster and less painful than other minimally invasive varicose vein treatment techniques, offering comparable results.

What do patients say about the treatment?

‘When I took my stocking off to look at my leg I was amazed—it was just like a miracle,’ said Cathy Stamp, a ClariVein customer, ‘I’d had a great big knot of unsightly veins at the back of my knee and they had completely gone.’

What do clinicians say about the treatment?

‘ClariVein is a fast, safe, effective treatment for varicose veins that requires only one single needle injection for the patient,’ said Mr. Usman Jaffer, a consultant vascular surgeon working in the NHS and privately in London.

Where can I get it done?

ClariVein is performed nationally in the NHS and privately; visit or call 01782 637009 for more information.

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