If you have aspirations of one day becoming an acrobat in the Big Top tent or if flying through the air sounds like your idea of fun, trapezing could be the ideal sport for you

What is trapezing?
You want to improve your fitness, but you are not that keen on running three times a week? You’d like to tone your body but don’t want to sweat in the gym together surrounded by lots of other people? Then why not spend the summer exercising your body in mid-air? Trapezing is an active and extremely fun way to get fit. With a new Trapeze School having just opened in the heart of London, now is the perfect opportunity to try out this fearless sport. Gorilla Circus, already operating a Trapeze School in Regents Park, opened its second training area in Battersea Park at the beginning of August. On the full size trapeze rig you can try out swings and learn to perform tricks, such as getting caught in mid-air by someone swinging on a different trapeze!

What are the benefits?
Besides being extremely fun and exhilarating, trapezing is a great form of workout for your whole body. You exercise core muscles in the upper body, and your tummy and arms will also feel more toned. You train your balance and coordination skills and moreover, this kind of workout pushes your self-esteem!

How much does it cost?
Classes generally start from £23.50. If you want to try out trapeze, you can do so in the Gorilla Circus Trapeze School in Battersea Park until September 9. You can drop in a two-hour class, which starts with a warm up and practicing a simple trick on a low bar. Then the fun can begin as it’s time to try out the flying trapeze! The Trapeze School offers most classes on a one-off basis: the more classes you attend, the more tricks you will learn. For more information, visit

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