Top movie bedroom designs – get the look

We all love a good film and often take in the decor used on-set as a way to bring some inspiration into our own homes.

Set designs tell us more about the characters and give us an insight into their lives. Whether it is an action-packed bedroom or a quirky, stylish one, we have taken a look at our favourites and pointed out the key bits that you can copy.

Sex and the city: The movie
Carrie Bradshaw’s bedroom is super chic and romantic. Bright blue walls coupled with mismatched picture frames and bold patterned soft furnishings are arty and full of confidence. Her mirrored vanity adds femininity and reflects the light to add space. As seen in the film, Carrie eventually comes within touching distance of her dream wardrobe. Who wouldn’t want a walk-in fitted wardrobe that lights up in true Hollywood style?

Marie Antoinette
So we can’t all live in a palace and eat cake all day, but we can add elements of this film’s design into our bedrooms. The pastel shades are perfect for Summer. Add cake stands to your dresser to store your jewellery/accessories and pin a few fans to the wall. This room is all about the small touches. Bunting and ribbons are ideal for perfecting this look as is anything with cakes on.

The Holiday
Kate Winslet’s character is enthralled to find her LA bedroom is very contemporary with lots of mod cons. Not only is it spacious, but it has a neutral palette, lots of soft furnishings and a comfortingly fluffy carpet. This is the perfect style for someone who truly needs their room to be a cosy sanctuary where they can completely relax.

Amélie’s bedroom has true vintage style. Nothing really matches – art is in mismatched frames, shabby chic lampshades cast a soft glow around the room and the wallpaper varies in shade. It all sounds horribly clashing, but it actually looks brilliant and is a timeless look. It is a collection of all the things her character loves and this can be easily copied to reflect your own style passions.

A single man
The character of Charley has a retro bedroom design that incorporates bright colours, faux fur and lots of patterns. Even the mirror is patterned. This may be a bit busy for some people, but there are elements of it that could be used to liven up the dullest of bedrooms. Try getting luxurious bedding in neutral colours and adding brightly coloured accessories. Alternatively, have a minimal room and decorate one wall with patterned wallpaper.

13 going on 30
The character of Jenna is really lucky to wake up on her 13th birthday to discover that she is 30 and has a designer walk-in closet. This is the kind of film that dreams are made of, but there are now loads of fitted furniture solutions that will suit any bedroom and any budget.

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