Tips for Hanging Wall Décor

Hanging objects properly on a wall, whether it’s pictures or heavier items such as mirrors, can be challenging. Read on for tips for hanging wall décor, ensuring everything on them looks immaculate.

1.         If you have lots of pieces you want to hang up on a wall then make sure you plan your layout by arranging them on the floor first. Alternatively, trace out a paper template of each piece and secure it on the wall so you can see what everything will look like—just make sure                   you use reusable adhesive to avoid leaving marks.

2.         Always hang your pictures up at eye level. If you’re hanging wall décor above a piece of furniture like a sofa, try not to leave a large gap as this will draw attention to the wall and not the artwork—aim for a space of around three to six inches.

3.         When grouping pictures place four similar-sized images together—this will make it look like a larger display. Remember it’s unlikely that all your frames will be exactly the same size, so your aim should be to balance the frames on the wall, not match them perfectly.

4.         Avoid using single nails hammered in walls to hang up pictures, as these will likely need regular straightening or may even fall down. Instead, opt for self-tapping threaded anchors and screws, as these provide better holding power. If you’re still worried about damaging the               wall, then an alternative—and aesthetically pleasing—option would be to rest pictures on shelves or even on wooden easels.

5.         If you have a large wall but not enough artwork or photos to go up on it, try adding mirrors to balance out the arrangement.

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Hanging heavy objects

If you have something large, unwieldy or heavy to hang, such as a TV or mirror, then a little more care may be required when hanging wall décor.

When it comes to heavy mirrors you need to ensure that what you want to hang up has a strong frame. Angle brackets can be used to reinforce older mirrors that you are unsure about. Weighing the mirror is also a good idea if you’re not sure how sturdy your wall fixtures need to be. If your mirror is too heavy for picture hooks then you could try a wing anchor or other fixtures such as self-drilling screw anchors, molly bolts and strap toggles—what you use will depend on the type of material it’s made out of.

Wall mounting TVs is a good way of ensuring your living room looks less cluttered, saving on floor space. If you’re planning on doing this yourself then consider the following.

The majority of manufacturers will offer mounts designed specifically for their TVs, so make sure you get one that matches your model, as this will be able to bear its weight. When positioning your mount, give careful thought to viewing positions—your TV needs to be at eye level and ideally centred to your main seating area. When affixing your mount to the wall use an electronic stud finder to mark the wooden studs behind the wall. Remember: you should never fix the mount directly to the wall, only to the stud.

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