Through the Looking Glass: The Modern Conservatory

Conservatories are among the most popular type of home extension in the UK, and it’s easy to see why. A well-designed conservatory can enhance any home, adding glamour, sophistication and light, not to mention added property value.

For the contemporary homeowner, there is now an abundance of choice when it comes to design styles and options for a conservatory. What’s more, technological advances have ushered in a new breed of sophisticated and modern conservatory designs.

Lean in to it

One of the most popular and contemporary types of conservatory is the lean-to design. This style is all about creating a simple, modern look, by using clear-cut lines, wooden or tiled floors, while using minimal furniture to maximise light and space.
Much of the reason why lean-to designs are becoming so popular is due to their versatility. With the ability to adapt and fit into any home no matter the size, as well as make the most out of existing space, they are a popular choice for any homeowner.

Glass Matters

Many of today’s conservatories are shifting toward being fully glazed glass structures. Not only do they add a more modern feel, but also allow in more light than traditional designs. In fact, some modern designs are replacing wood altogether, opting instead for laminated glass roof rafters to be used for structural support.

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Sliding Doors

Another feature that is gaining popularity is folding or sliding doors. Double-glazed, aluminium bi-fold doors are a popular option and can give a conservatory a spacious feel, while adding a contemporary elegance to the design.

Curved Lines

Building a conservatory with angular or curved lines adds a modern twist. This growing trend also pairs perfectly with folding or sliding doors. Try using slim line timber or metal framing to get the most polished look.

Glass Act

Most building and design experts agree that when it comes to conservatories, there should be no cutting corners, especially when choosing the type of glass you use. Quite simply, the better the quality of glass, the more value it will add to your home.

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Roof Lanterns

Inspired by traditional orangeries, roof lanterns are now being increasingly implemented in modern designs. The trick is to settle on a simple, circular design in order to maintain a contemporary aesthetic. Adding a roof lantern will also allow more natural light into your conservatory room.

How much value can a conservatory add to your home?

As with any home extension or renovation, a conservatory has the potential to add extra value to your home. How much worth it will add depends a great deal on the quality of the materials used to complete the structure. Although the value a conservatory will bring to your home will depend on the quality of the finished product, on average expect it to increase your home’s worth by around five percent.

The average cost of building a conservatory in the UK is around £4,000 to £10,000, depending on what style you opt for and the type of materials you use. It is possible to spend anywhere between £35,000 and £50,000 for the latest high-end design or as little as £3,000 for a DIY job on a budget.

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