Thinking of Selling? Improve Your Prospects with ‘Staging’

If you are trying to sell or rent a property, looks are everything. Now a trend known as ‘staging’ makes it easier for you to present your property in a good light – and the results are proven

When you are selling a property, we are told that there are some essentials to make it more immediately attractive; tidy the front garden for improved ‘kerb appeal’, lock away annoying pets (and children), redecorate in neutral colours, improve lighting – even to fill the house with the smell of fresh coffee or baking bread!

A completely empty property may be easier to sell in some cases, but when you want to make your home look more immediately liveable, an empty shell probably isn’t the best idea. So, what do you do if your furniture consists of worn-out sofas, wobbly tables and rickety chairs? You need a bit of professional ‘staging’ to present your home in the most appealing light.

Professional staging companies claim that properties using their services will typically sell for 10 percent more, so the investment is well worth it. According to a report by the Home Staging Association, estate agents also agree that a ‘staged’ presentation makes it easier for buyers to visualise the property as their future home, and makes it more likely to attract multiple bids.


The first step is to address what sort of potential buyers or renters will be interested in the property; the staging company will then match the presentation of the property to appeal to the appropriate audience. The Home Staging Association reports that 100 percent of vendors who used a home staging service found it a useful marketing tool, and 75 percent said that it had helped to increase the value of offers.

A home staging consultant will want to visit your property for an assessment, and will advise you on what work you can usefully do yourself, and what expenses will be involved in further work to present the property. This can involve anything from simple decluttering, gardening, decorating and maintenance work, to furniture rental and professional photography. Staging can work particularly well for remote or virtual presentations, which of course became very popular during lockdown.

Staging needn’t be a complicated affair; many professional companies offer a ‘speed staging’ service with a walkthrough consultation done in a few hours. Whether you choose this or a full service, staging should present your property in the best possible light, and offer a good return on your investment. ■

Sell High, Sell Fast
Read the book Sell High, Sell Fast by Elaine Penhaul for essential tips on the art of staging. It’s available in paperback or as an e-book from Amazon.

This feature was first published in the Spring 2022 issue of Property & Home with Martin Roberts. Read more here.

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