ThinK Before you DrinK

You can drink wine and stay health conscious – the experts from ThinK Wine Group tell us how

What is the sugar and calorie count of a typical sparkling wine?
A standard glass of prosecco can range from 78 cals per 100ml glass (brut) up to 125 cals.

What are the comparable figures for ThinK wines?
In ThinK’s case, both of our wines are just 62 cals per 100ml (brut).

ThinK wines are vegan, organic, reduced in calories and sugar – one is a Prosecco, one is a pinot Grigio sparkling rose (ThinK PinK). We are proud to say that both of our wines have a luxury taste to them, elevating their status as sparkling wines.

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What’s the secret of reducing sugar and calories without compromising taste?
The secret is to find an amazing winery which fits with your ethos in which you know that their standard sparkling wine is so delicious that even with the reduction of sugar it will still taste just as good, if not better!

What do drinkers say about ThinK wines?
We are often compared to champagne by our ThinK Drinkers! The wine is most described as ‘luxurious’, ‘high quality’ and has ‘no bad aftertaste’. It is light, refreshing and extremely bubbly and we never get bad feedback from it. Everyone is aware of its health benefits and they always agree it has no compromise on the taste.

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Can I find vegan and organic wines?
As surprising as it might be, some wines cannot be classed as vegan or organic wines due to the production methods used. We use plant-based filtration methods to ensure it is 100% vegan, and use organic sources to really make the grapes of the wine the star of our show. We work with an amazing winery in Treviso, Italy, who ensure that our wines are cared and tended for from start to finish.

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What’s the history of ThinK wines?
In a world of health consciousness and sustainability, it’s easy to settle for products that don’t live up to standards in terms of taste and class. Our director, Katherine Jones, wanted to combine health benefits of reduced calories and sugar with an organic and sustainable process to a wine that could be enjoyed by all, so much so that the reduced sugars made no impact on the taste of the wines. She spent years travelling to find the perfect combination of all three aspects and eventually, ThinK Prosecco and Rose was created.

How and where are ThinK wines made?
We spent years trying to find the right vineyard with the same morals to us in regards to the production of our wine. We have partnered up with a family-run winery in the heart of Treviso, North-East Italy, where they care for the finest Glera and Pinot Grigio grapes. They are organic and vegan verified plots of land, and we use renewable and sustainable energy to process the wines.

What varieties and order combinations are available?
Orders can range from one, two and 6 bottles per box. We also offer mixed cases, so you can 1 of each or 3 of each.

How can I find out more about ThinK wines and become an affiliate?
Head over to our website Here, you can enter your details and create your own discount code.

Once you do, you and others can use this discount at the checkout and receive money off. You will earn commission from every order you make!

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