There Is No Such Thing As Bad Weather, Just The Wrong Clothes

Since 1976, Swedish childrenswear brand, Polarn O. Pyret, has been leading the way with quality, functional and sustainable kidswear, with the aim of making the best possible clothing for babies and children.

Children should be able to play outdoors in any weather, and if the Swede’s can’t keep kids happy, warm and dry with hi-tech functional outerwear, who can!? Good outerwear should not only be weatherproof, but also lightweight, flexible and extra durable in all the right places to withstand the rough and tumble of an active childhood.


For your child to play in torrential rain and stay dry you should look for a water column resistance of 10,000mm. Which means the clothes will withstand 10,000mm of rainfall in a single day without letting a single drop seep through. That’s a lot of puddles to enjoy! There is also a very clever technology called Bionic-Finish® Eco waterproofing, a safe alternative to PFC toxins, so it’s kind to skin, and kinder to the environment too.  


Look out for outerwear that is made especially for children – not for mini adults. Children hop, jump, climb and crawl in all terrains, so outerwear that has special pre-bent sleeves and trousers will give children full mobility, allowing them to be comfortable and play for longer outside.

Extra Durable Fabrics 

Kids’ winter clothes need to stand up to all kinds of play. Look for a durability rating of at least 5000rpm, 180grit, 12kpa which means it can withstand over 5,000 rubs of very coarse sandpaper before one thread breaks. That means it is tough stuff, made to last thousands of hours of play and be passed on to other children too!

Let Children Be Children 

Polarn O. Pyret in particular have developed smart solutions designed to protect children from potential hazards. All of their hoods are detachable and quick releasing in case they get caught on a tree branch. All of their outerwear has 360 degree reflective strips, so that kids can be seen on those dark wintery days. 

Clever Layers 

The correct use of layers will retain heat, lead moisture away from the body and keep rain at bay, making play the focus of the day!  Simply add or remove a layer when there is a change in weather or activity levels.

Base Layer 

Made of soft merino wool, or polyester, keeps heat in and leads moisture away from the body.

Even if it’s freezing outdoors, your child will perspire when they run around playing. It’s important that this moisture gets wicked away from their body.

Middle Layer 

Made of hi-tech breathable fleece, or terry wool, it acts as an insulating layer whilst still being breathable. If the garment is not breathing, the body can quickly turn too hot or cold. Make sure this garment has a zip to make it easy for your child to open or remove.

Outer Layer 

Should withstand any weather. PO.P’s Shell and Padded fabrics are wind and waterproof, yet highly breathable. Children’s outerwear should be highly durable in order to handle games and adventure. Combine with layers 1 and 2 when the temperatures drop.

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