The truth behind women and their make-up

Research has revealed that British women carry £256 worth of make-up in their handbags on a daily basis

It was discovered that women carry 13 essential products on average, each of which averages the price of £20.
The average price of the make-up can amount to more than the cost of the owner’s mobile phone and camera, yet 72 per cent of women did not include their make-up among their personal belongings insurance and 64 per cent of that majority stated they would not even think to claim the items if their handbag was stolen.

Out of the 13 essentials that women carried mascara was the ‘must-have’ item with 95 per cent of women saying they would not go anywhere without it.

Perfume and foundation were also essential items that were found in women’s handbags; 79 per cent of women carried perfume and 76 per cent had foundation among their possessions.

The study went on to reveal that 18 to 25-year-old women carried the most amount of make-up, and professional women aged between 35 and 44 carried the most expensive. Women from London, Glasgow and Leeds carried the most make-up while females in Leicester, Brighton and Edinburgh carried the least.

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