The Top Garden Trends for 2020

With the Spring fast approaching it’s finally time to start thinking about getting your garden ready for planting seeds and lighter evenings. Here are the top garden trends for 2020 to help you prepare

Outdoor play areas

Get your kids away from the screens this spring and think about getting an outdoor play area for them to enjoy being in the outdoors rather than inside watching TV. This doesn’t have to be expensive either. While many parents think that to do this they will need to spend money on a trampoline, swing set or climbing frame, you can actually add a few simple things to get your kid excited about going outside. Balancing beams made from logs and timbers can be cheap and offer your child some old-fashioned fun. Hammocks are also popular with older kids as they can lounge in the garden on nice days rather than staying inside on the sofa.

Curved pathways

Instead of standing by a straight pathway in your garden, a curved and winding pathway can give your garden a more attractive quality, making the landscape seem more wild. This can be done even in the smallest of gardens, and can work particularly well in gardens with rectangular borders.

Go Wild

Make your garden wildlife-friendly as well as beautiful by planting wild flowers. You can get wild flower seeds in most garden stores. The flowers give your garden a look smiliar to a meadow and attracts bees, birds, pollinators and invertebrates. Climbing roses can also add a bit of romance and colour to your garden as well as attracting different types of bees.

Coloured Walls

Making a comeback this year are warm coloured walls. While it may be reminicent of the nineties to have a coloured wall in your garden, with the right plants and decor to complement it, this is one of the top garden styles this spring. Experts recommend choosing a warm colour such as orange, yellow or red to add a bit of atmosphere to your garden.

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