The technique behind the perfect pancake toss

The perfect pancake toss is a question of precise science, according to Ocado

The online supermarket has teamed up with Dr Mark Hadley, researcher at the University of Warwick’s physics department, to perfect the perfect pancake toss, in time for tonight’s pancake parties.

Apparently, it’s all about the altitude if you want to make sure your pancakes don’t flop onto the floor. When tossed at the optimal height, the launch velocity and spin are perfectly matched, and thus giving the scientifically perfect pancake toss.

With Dr. Hadley’s scientific eye, Ocado have created three tossing types for you to choose from:

1. The crowd pleaser
If cooking in front of a crowd, the higher the better, aim for a height of about 0.5m.

2. The chef toss.
For those who are pretty confident with the toss and are looking for the best cooked pancake, go for a height of 16cm.

3. Cooking for the masses toss
If you are cooking for the world and his wife, then a height of 0.47m will allow for speed and accuracy.

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