The secrets behind getting better beauty sleep

The clock change marking the start of British Summer spells angst for ladies who swear by a set sleep routine.

But sleep expert Dr Craig Hudson, who is behind natural bedtime drink Zenbev, offers his top tips on getting the very best beauty sleep:

• Make the room as dark as possible –the brain needs to produce melatonin, which can be hampered by the presence of natural light.

• Avoid alcohol –it interrupts the normal flow of sleep stages,

• Avoid protein three hours before bed

• Limit intake of alcohol and caffeine

• Increase carb intake such as bread or cereal in the evening

• Keep the bedroom at a cool temperature of 21°C

• Don’t exercise just before bedtime – exercise encourages the body to be alert and will deter sleep

Zenbev is an all-natural healthy hot drink clinically proven to aid sleep. Released in the UK in March, ZenBev is derived from pumpkin seeds and works with your body to create more sleep enhancing hormones.

Zenbev is available in chocolate and lemon flavours in 250g packs for £24.99. For more information, for tips on how to get a better night’s sleep from sleep expert Craig Hudson or to buy Zenbev visit 

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