The Right Tool for Every Garden Job

If you have the right tool there’s no garden job you can’t tackle, no matter how big or small. We asked the experts from Stiga for some seasonal advice

From battery-powered hand tools to ride-on mowers, nothing makes short work of garden task better than a power tool. But which jobs need which tools, and how do you know you are choosing a reliable and green product?

STIGA was founded in Sweden in 1934 by Stig Hielmquist. STIGA started as Firma Fabriksprodukter and began making many items including table tennis products. In 1938 the new company name changed to Stigma and later on changed to STIGA. Today STIGA is famous for its lawnmowers and wide range of garden equipment which is available across Europe and beyond.

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We asked Stiga’s experts to give us a bit of advice on choosing the right tools for the job and planning garden work for the season.

Stiga multitool

What should a gardener be doing this time of year?

  • LAWNS: When mowing your lawn, raising the mower blade to its highest setting from now on will avoid too much stress to the grass in dry conditions. Current thinking is to leave the leaf cuttings in the grass sward to act as a mulch and conserve moisture. Green up the grass if necessary, with a high nitrate liquid feed when rain is expected.
  • FRUIT: Apples, plums and other tree fruit will be maturing, so keep up with the picking. Plant strawberry runners for cropping in 2021.
  • FLOWERS AND HEDGES: Prune wisteria side-shoots back to five leaves from the main stem. The flowering shoots of rambling roses can also be shortened by a third when flowering is over. Hedges can have a final trim before the winter.

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What are the main jobs that powered garden equipment can help with?

For every garden job we have a STIGA tool to help!

  • Tillers and Rotovators to get your soil ready for sowing
  • Hedge trimmers, pole pruners and chainsaws to tackle garden hedges, trees and bushes
  • Multi-mate / multi-tools – there is a wide range of multi-tools from the handy compact multi-mate, perfect for box hedging and pruning to our many larger multi-tools with several attachments to tackle most garden jobs
  • Strimmers/Brushcutters – the perfect tools to tackle wild lawn areas, nettles, undergrowth and lawn edges
  • Lawnmowers/Ride-Ons – from walk-behind push and self-propelled mowers to lawn riders and tractors you can cut the lawn, collect, mulch or side discharge with our wide range of models available.
  • Pressure Washers – clean your patio, deck, terrace, drives and pathways with our powerful range of pressure washers.
  • Blowers – we offer blower and blower vac machines to collect and tidy leaves and other garden debris to keep pathways and lawn areas clear.

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Stiga rideon

How big a garden would I need for a ride-on mower?

STIGA have Lawn Riders which are suitable for lawns from 0.75 – 1 acre in size. For larger lawns there is an extensive range of Garden Tractors that increase in size and are suitable for gardens from 2 acres through to 5 acres, depending on the model.

What are the different classes of ride-on mower?

Lawn Riders are a great economic alternative and a step up from a walk-behind mower. They are compact, fitting through a standard garden gate as well as being easy to manoeuvre. Suitable for lawns from 0.75 – 1 acre, depending on the model.

For larger areas of an acre or more a Garden Tractor is a must. There is the option to choose from a collecting model with the grass collector fitted to the back of the machine or a dedicated side-discharge mower, perfect for longer grass. These mowers feature a mid-mounted cutter deck with either a twin or triple blade cutter deck depending on the width of cut.

Front-cut mowers offer great cutting and mulching performance and have a tight turning circle, making them the perfect choice for larger more complex lawns. The unique 50:50 articulated steering seen on STIGA Park models demonstrates this agility and precision. With the cutting deck situated at the front of the mower that gives an unimpeded view of the cutting path – these mowers are fast and convenient, fertilising the lawn as you cut!

How has rechargeable battery technology developed in recent years?

Battery powered garden tools have revolutionised gardening in recent years with the help of advances in Lithium battery technology. Battery powered tools are available in varying Wattage and Amperage power to cover a range of usage from smaller gardens to much larger gardens and heavy-duty professional use. Many gardeners are now moving away from petrol models and choosing the alternative battery products which are lightweight, efficient, environmentally friendly and easier to use.

How do powered multi-tools improve practicality?

Multi-tools allow gardeners to tackle many jobs with one power head and a range of attachments. Available in petrol and battery power they offer flexibility and performance covering many gardening jobs in one.

How does STIGA comply with WEEE regulations?

WEEE regulations cover electrical or electronic equipment that has come to the end of its ‘user life’. Each year in the UK we generate 2 million tonnes of electrical waste. Items that are discarded contain a variety of materials, including metal, glass, plastics, ceramics and precious metals, and without specialised waste processes this complex mix of materials can create several health risks.

Stiga is a member of an approved WEEE compliance scheme, Recycling Lives Compliance Services Limited Approval Number WEE/XP3838PX/SCH.

Scrap product return

When you buy a new mains electric mower from Stiga you can return your old electric mower to us and we will dispose of it in a legal and environmentally friendly way. You must return your old mower to us within 28 days of buying the new one.

Send it to STIGA UK WEEE Returns Department, Stiga Limited, Unit 8 Bluewater Estate, Bell Close, Plympton, Plymouth, PL7 4JH. You must enclose a letter quoting the Online order number for your new mower plus your name and full address. The cost of the return is your responsibility.

Stiga ride-on

Where can I find out more about STIGA Products?

All our STIGA products can be found at Visit our website for all the latest products and news.

We also have an online news magazine with monthly blogs and gardening tips at

Visit one of our many independent Stiga dealerships up and down the country selling products as well as offering help, advice and full servicing. Find your nearest at

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