The Right Spa Treatment For You

We take a look at the various treatments on offer at beauty salons and spas.

Sometimes, when life gets hectic, you might just need to take a day—or even just an hour—to relax and focus on your wellbeing. Spas provide treatments that are aimed to soothe, calm and revitalise the body. To find the right treatment for you, think about what you need: is your skin looking lifeless and dull? Are your muscles in knots after a hard week at work? Are you looking to get your glow back? Whatever you may require, a day at the spa will make all the difference to your mind, body and soul. 


Facials, as the name suggests, are treatments for the face. They can be used for exfoliation, extraction, hydration, rejuvenation or simply to massage. The best facials will incorporate several key steps including cleansing, exfoliating and massaging. Steam is often used during a facial to open the pores in order to deeply exfoliate the skin and rid it of dirt and toxins.

Skin peels are a popular option for those looking to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, minimise acne and even out skin tone. These treatments involve spreading an exfoliator—which may be chemical or natural—on the skin to remove the top layers of skin cells. This, in turn, reveals fresh, new skin underneath. While a chemical facial treatment can be quite harsh on the skin, it can be very effective in achieving desired results.

Some of the milder treatments include a variety of masks. Clay masks draw out impurities from the skin while cream-based masks are hydrating. If you’re not sure which treatment to opt for, consult with your spa therapist. They will be able

to take a closer look at your skin and recommend the right treatment for you based on your desired end result.

Hands & feet

Exfoliate, hydrate and beautify your hands and feet with a spa treatment. Most spas offer packages for either the hands or feet—or even a combo of both. The most common treatments for the hands and feet include a manicure or pedicure. In these treatments your nails will be filed, your cuticles will be pushed back and polish will be applied. Some packages may include a hand or foot massage as well.

A reflexology massage may be offered to you as part of your pedicure treatment. Reflexology refers to a system of massaging on the hands and feet. The theory states that the reflex points of your feet correspond with other parts of your body and that applying pressure to them helps to relieve tension and treat certain illnesses. The theory relating to reflexology hasn’t been scientifically proven, but a foot massage is relaxing either way.


Body wraps can have countless benefits for your body and skin. Most body wraps have similar ingredients and properties that are used in facemasks, but are sealed in with cotton, mylar bandages or plastic film. Speak with a professional at your chosen spa to see what types of body wrap treatments they offer—the most common wraps will include nourishing chocolate wraps, detoxifying clay wraps and moisturising oil wraps.

Massages are, perhaps, one of the most popular treatments that people seek in spas and beauty centres. Perfect for boosting circulation and relieving muscle tension, these relaxing treatments can all be tailored to the customer’s needs. 

There is a tendency for people to underestimate the benefits of getting a full-body exfoliation treatment at a spa. A professional exfoliation treatment will be much more thorough than what you could achieve yourself at home—and far more relaxing. Salt, sugar and coffee grounds are all common natural exfoliants; each come with their own individual health benefits.

One of the simplest spa experiences includes a trip to the sauna—a small steam room. Saunas are designed to relax both mind and body while flushing out toxins from your pores and cleansing the skin. If your spa has a sauna, take some time to unwind in there, either before or after your appointment, for the ultimate relaxation. 

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