The Right Tools for Every Decorating Job

Great decorating results depend on proper preparation, and having the right tools and equipment. We asked the experts from MyPaintbrush for their advice

What are the basic type of brushes for decorating work?

We stock a wide range of professional paint brushes that help give you the flawless end result you require. We would highly recommend the Oldfields Pro Series Brushes. They use a fusion of quality synthetic filament that work together to achieve an outstanding paint finish. They come in both Angled and Straight cut, therefore suit a variety of applications and they also have different handle types so you can choose the most comfortable style for yourself.

And some of the more specialist types?

There are plenty of specialist brushes on the market. For example, there are some brushes designed solely for ‘laying off’ paint. These brushes have been specifically designed to reduce the marks left from a traditional brush and roller straight after application. You simply go over the painted surface with a laying off brush (keeping the brush as dry as possible is key, don’t be tempted to dip it in your tin of paint!)… Check out our laying off brush section on our website.

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How do I protect and store my brushes?

Protecting and storing brushes correctly is extremely important to ensure longevity and quality performance for many more applications to come. Products such as the Provinci Brush Saver & Roller Saver are ideal for storing wet brushes in between applications or after application. The roller saver specifically has been designed to be air tight, so you could leave your roller covered in paint for up to 3 months and after this time period it would still be ready to use.

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How do I choose a paint roller?

As with brushes, there is plenty of choice on rollers too which can sometimes be difficult to narrow down the one you require. However, the first process is to establish the type of surface you are using the roller on. If it is a smooth/freshly plastered surface then a short napped pile microfibre roller sleeve would be perfect! If you are doing a rough exterior/pebble dash surface then you need to choose the thickest & longest pile going to ensure the roller can get into all the bumps on the surface. (Nap length can be daunting at first, but don’t worry! General rule of thumb is the shorter the nap the smoother the surface!) If you are painting furniture and/or doors, we highly recommend the Two Fussy Blokes range of mini rollers, these are simply fantastic!

paint roller

What types of decorating tapes and films are available?

This is one side of the industry that has boomed in the last five years. There are lots of tapes to suit a variety of jobs. General Purpose, Precision Edge, Sensitive, Exterior…. If you are wanting a reliable and professional brand of tapes then we would recommend Tesa. They have a complete range of tapes to cover all applications! If you are looking for a super straight and clean edge with no paint bleed, then look no further than their Tesa Yellow Precision rolls. Japanese plant fibres give the masking tape the special characteristics that make it ideal for razor sharp edges every time and is also extremely stable longitudinally, while at the same time being easy to tear laterally. (As with a lot of things, we highly recommend conducting a test area with tape just to triple check it is going to give you the finish you require!)

What are some useful ladder accessories?

First and foremost, staying safe whilst using a ladder is paramount. We sell products such as the LadderMat Anti Slip Ladder Leveller which is made from heavy duty matting and is ideal to use on sloping or uneven ground. Within this range also they also sell a pair of LadderMat Ladder Pads. These are made from a soft non marking foam which prevents surface damage on both internal and external walls, whilst also reducing the risk of the ladder slipping.

How do I choose a sanding machine?

If you have a lot of preparation work to do like sanding walls and using lots of filler, sanding machines earn their keep very quickly! It’s one of those “you didn’t realise how good they are until you use one” moments plus once hooked up to an extractor, they are virtually dust free which is a fantastic benefit in itself!

Sanding can speed up your prep work dramatically so picking the right sander for the job is essential.

Mirka are renowned for their quality sanders and there is two in particular that cover most bases. The Mirka DEROS is a round headed sander which is perfect for walls and ceilings, we call this the “great all rounder”. Mirka also have the DEOS in their range which is a rectangular shaped sander and is perfect for woodwork, doors, cabinets etc! We have a huge range of these on our website with lots of information and videos for you to have a further read up on.


What sort of workwear and PPE do I need for building work?

We always recommend wearing the correct PPE when doing any sort of work. Lots of products that you are using such as paints, sanders and sprayers will state the recommended PPE on either their packaging or manuals and we strongly recommend following these guidelines. When it comes to purchasing your PPE, we sell a wide range of high quality respirators, gloves and workwear.


Is the Go! Paint Universal Multi Can Opener the best thing since sliced bread?

This multi tool will certainly be one of the most used things within your tool armoury when painting, that’s for sure! We see lots of different tins now and many have different lids leaving the conventional paint tin opener (or your trusted filling or putty knife!) wondering where they went wrong. Go! Paint themselves are industry renowned for their Dutch product innovation and this is yet another product that earns its keep very quickly.

Where can I find out more about MyPaintbrush?

We are a family run business set up in 2012. What started as selling one range of imported quality USA brushes, has now turned into a huge warehouse full of 1000s of different products sourced from all over the world. We don’t settle for ‘okay’ products, we search the globe for new and innovative products that we feel can make a positive impact on the UK Painting & Decorating Industry. This is why you will see many ranges that are exclusive to ourselves and were first launched in the UK by us. To see our full range of products, please visit our website where we offer next day delivery* FREE of charge if you spend over £50.00.

(*UK Mainland only, next day is not guaranteed)

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